Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Where am I right now?

 Yeah, I'm here. 

Covid World really put a halt to normalcy in pretty much every aspect of my existence. But I'm trying to get back on track. Get back to writing. Get back to feeling something akin to what I used to be. 

Would you believe that my child is 10? He'll be 11 this year. It feels like yesterday when I was unbelievably pregnant, and then basking in the joys of early motherhood.

I have been mostly mucking about with miniatures and trying to find a way to contribute to my household in spite of the disorder that has made even going outside an impossible task. You can find my minis and updates on Tiktok and Instagram (although I update Tiktok more regularly). I seem to have migrated away from the blogging thing and taken to newer social media applications. But I am working through all my brain-clutter in other ways. In a podcast, for one. I'm writing letters to my childhood self, and posting them up periodically. The link is below. It's not quality audio or voice acting, but you get what you get. :D

I'm also raising funds to try and start up a new Miniatures show in the Portland area. Here's the GoFundMe link.

If I don't get at least half of goal by August, the donations will be refunded.

Feel free to follow on Podbean, and feedback is always appreciated. Here's episode 1.

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