Monday, February 25, 2013

Comicon in Portland

My birthday came and went rather quietly this year. Hubby insisted on taking me out to dinner, and S2 took me out for wings at lunch. Other than that, it was low key. We did however have plans for the weekend, and that was to attend a day of the first Wizard World Portland Comicon. It was my first comicon and I confess... I'm hooked. We had SO much fun. Even Baby J had a blast--even if he did come home with a bit of a cold.

Matt and Amy Roloff showed up to capitalize on the crowds. Amy looked
as snooty in real life as she does on TV. Matt looked as adorable as ever.

Some Baby J love.

I love this little dude.

Baby J was the star, really. All of the celebs we saw were charmed by him (except maybe Brent Spiner, who I suspect isn't charmed by very much except himself these days--sorry, but that's the impression I got). How could they not be? He's flippin' cute. It's too bad I couldn't find a little Jayne hat or a little STNG uniform to put on him for that day. Maybe next year.

One of the highlights of our time there. Norman Reedus (Daryl from Walking Dead) took Dan's
Camera and shot this little picture.
We were able to meet Norman Reedus, James Marsters and Brent Spiner. We also brushed elbows with Henry Winkler and Bruce Campbell, but didn't speak to them (but Henry Winkler said hello to Baby J, who seemed entranced by the pastel sweater). :D I feel like such a name dropper... but it was so fun to meet these folks. Most of 'em anyway.

Dean Cain was hamming it up with folks because his line
wasn't too long.

Brent Spiner was a bit jealous that Norman's line was at one point,
4 hours long. So he crashed his side of the signing area and photobombed
some chick's visit with Norman. He said: "Zombies aren't anything
against the Borg..." before leaving.

Norman Reedus was really all around a really decent, genuine guy. He had by far the longest line there. We thought at first it was for Stan Lee, but it was for him. At one point, it was four hours long. We stood for about an hour and a half, but I was chatting everyone up nearby so the time passed pretty quickly.

Norman had a pile of gifts on the table given to him by his fans. On that pile was a knitted pillow with two boobs on it. It was hilarious. When we got there, he looked at Alex and cooed at him, and said: "I wonder what he's thinking right now?" He then leaned back and grabbed the pillow and presented it to the baby, and everyone laughed.  He was allowing people to take cell-pics free of charge, unlike any of the other stars there, and his line was a mile long.  He was nice, and funny and just plain cute.  Loved him.

Henry Winkler looks like someone's mischievous grandpa.

There was a nearly-naked woman in line behind me,
so Brent Spiner wasn't wasting any time on me and Alex.
Brent Spiner just gave off the aura of all around annoyance with the whole thing, honestly.  He was forcing his fans to do a fist-bump instead of shaking their hands like every other celeb was doing. When he spoke to me, it was sort of cool and insincere. It was very disappointing. When I found out he was going to be there, I was sooooo happy, I am such a TNG nerd. I wanted to hug the shit out of him when I saw him, and ask him about his online movies.  As I was standing in line, a woman built like a sylph slid in behind me. She was, no joke, about 98% naked. She had a teeny little triangle of coverage on her crotch and two bands over her nipples. He saw her and the line sped up.  He hurried us through.  Stupid skank.

He tried briefly to get Alex to smile, but Baby J was
unimpressed.  I think it's because he saw Brent forcing his
fans to fist-bump instead of shake hands.  It's called hand-sanitizer, dude.
They paid $40 minimum to say hi to you, the least you can do is
not be a douche.
Let me sign this quickly. Naked chick awaits!


Bender, and Frye behind him. There were a
couple of Leelas roaming around too.

Henry Winkler walked up to us while we were in line for
Norman Reedus and gave Baby J a huge smile and a
twinkling Hello.
My two favourite boys.

'Inara' from Firefly had her little dog with her. She is so beautiful,
good god. I told her I loved that she brought her puppy with her.
She said it was her version of what I had in my arms, and gave
Alex a smile.
We also saw Lou Ferigno, Bruce Campbell, Dean Cain, Sean-Patrick Flannery, that third guy from Boondock Saints, and the dude that plays Merle in Walking Dead.

In line for James Marsters. Squee!

We weren't allowed to take pictures, but
Dan sneaked this one in.  He was really nice--although obviously
primed to create quick, empty conversation and to get you
to move along. His gorgeous curly-haired son was helping out too.
James Marsters started randomly talking about using the Buffy community to sofa-surf. Okay. He did play with Alex and he did evoke a smile from the little one.

All in all, we had a freakin' blast. Lessons learned? Eat more. Drink more. Get a goddamned table there to sell books! Omagerd, so many people!  Awesome costumes were seen. I am totally doing it again next year.

Baby Boba

Hate Girl

Go away Thelma!


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