Friday, January 29, 2016

Wrapping up 2015's Project 365.

341/365 -  In a box
343/365 -  Bubble bath again
344/365 - Candle light

345/365 - Silhouettes

346/365 - Pineapple
347/365 - Our tree

348/365 - Pop tart

349/365 - A visit to the local fire station to drop off Giving Tree gifts.

350/365 - Santa's been kind. :)

351/365 - KC Kitten making herself at home.

352/365 - Condensation

353/365 - Chocolate gold

354/365 - Star Wars, man!

355/365 - Greens

356/365 - Christmas Bounty

357/365 - My sister's dog Daisy

358/365 - My sister's cat (now our cat)
-- Can you find her?

359/365 - Simon loves snow

360/365 - Alex and KC in the snow.
KC was befuddled by the snow,
but she loved it.

361/365 - Ironwork at Timberline Lodge

362/365 - Portland in movement

363/365 - A seaside trimming

364/365 - Light and Shadow

365/365 - Icicles
That's 2015. Yay! What's new? Nothing much. My sister got a job as corporate environmental manager at Intel, and was moving back to Oregon, but that might not be the case anymore. We shall see. She is leaving her cat with us. KC *was* supposed to be a bratty, scatchy, anti-social cat, but she seems to have taken a liking to my son, and the amount of harassing she takes from him is unbelievable. She loves him. So my sister doesn't want to take her away from her kid.

I've been sick most of January, so I have not been up to much. Just preparing my authory stuff for the upcoming Wizard World Portland Comic Con. Nothing special! But I'm hoping that 2016 will bring some creative things for me.  I hope to post again soon with one of my projects. I'm currently taking up tatting to give it a try. But I have some other projects in mind. Some miniatures, a couple of doll remodelings, some nesting dolls and more. I just need to kick this damned endless cold and get my energy back.

Happy new year. Here's a movie of the full 365 project that I made to sum up the whole year. Enjoy!


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