Monday, December 14, 2015

Project 365; 321 - 340 ... Almost there!

Happy Holidays folks! It's been a strange year. Most years are strange, but it's been a particularly interesting one. I perused the pics in the past 11 months and it tells an abstract story, at least to me. It talks about a year of highs and a year of lows. I see the loss of my mom in a photo of an elegantly curved tulip; a change of focus towards my authoring and slightly away from my other pasttimes. I see despairing moments and moments of joy. I see the comforts of my home and my life, and the discomforts of an imbalanced brain chemistry. I see friends who are there for me, and I see family drama. But most of all, I see my life, in 347 pictures so far. I will post the final batch in one lot.

In the meantime, my household has been increased by one person, two dogs and another cat. My sister secured a position at Intel and is moving back to Oregon. While she seeks a place to live, she is staying with us.

I am awaiting edits on my latest strange book, and it will be up for publication in January or so. For those of you who are curious about what I write and such, you can click through here to my author page. Other than that, besides a lovely ball for the ORS, there hasn't been too much going on. It was organized by S2 so I didn't have to do much for it, which was nice. It was really nice to just show up. I'd like to do more of that and less of the stress. And I would like to eliminate the drama 100%. At the retreat I had to calm a frenetic soul who was devastated for not winning a prize. I'm tired of mommying adults. I have a toddler now, a defiant, obstinate kid, who uses up all that spare energy for that sort of crap.  So it's time someone else dealt with the woes and whines of the drama queens. I just want to show up and enjoy like everyone else. It's time.

Here are the next twenty days in the project 365 collection.

321/365 - IKEA meatballs nom

322/365 - The Johanesen household in one picture.

323/365 - My sister's cat. She's adorable to look at. She's flat out crazy and evil.

324/365 - Alex cuddles with his Neenee

325/365 - Things like this make me feel less saddened for not having a girl.
How does one battle this hyper-pink-sparkly feminized crap? Yeurgh.

326/365 - A benefit of having my sister around is to have a Dim Sum enabler.
It is one of my favourite things besides sushi. This is at Pure Spice in Portland.
It's the best Dim Sum I've had since Mary Chung's in Cambradge, near MIT

327/365 - It's not the holiday season for me
until I have a bowl of nuts to munch on
through the New Year.

328/365 - Schmear

329/365 - The turkey taking an overnight
soak in a briny bath.

330/365 - I got to host Thanksgiving dinner this year. Such a rarity. Such fun!
Three guests was plenty for our little table. I made enough for an army,
naturally. But it was pretty damned good if I may say.

331/365 - Some black friday lazing.

332/365 - House hunting with my sister, I stumbled upon this
miniature landscape on top of a gatepost.

333/365 - Trivet

334/365 - This is my entourage during the day. Simon mostly doesn't know
what to make of the two ladies that are dominating his household.
But I think it's good for his depression about losing Flower.

335/365 -Alex and 'My Kiyee' cuddling in bed. OC might be rough around
the edges, but 
he likes his child.

336/365 - Ominous Bot

337/365 - That face. ::sigh::

338/365 - Coziness at home.

339/365 - Time for the annual santa
pics with Alex. This was at Macy's.
Alex's newest pic will be posted below.

340/365 - Sewing for a while again. 
Alex's santa pics for this year:

Santa gets a big hug from Alex, and he also gave him almonds and a tangerine.

Wow. He's growing WAY. TOO. FAST.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!


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