Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Project 365 - Days 241-260 VOTE FOR BERNIE!

It's been a strange few weeks. I've been so taken up in planning for September's two shows (Passion in Portland and the Rose City Comic Con) that I haven't had much time for anything else. I confess that since my mom died, I've been a bit more detached than usual. I've been doing my 365s but forgetting to upload them. I have been uploading them in spurts. But I'm still doing them! That's a great thing. Yay for follow through for a change. I've already hit the 100 days left mark. They will be posted in the next round of twenty.

We are getting ready for a trip to Florida and New Orleans courtesy of my eldest sister. We joke that she only bothered to pay for OUR tickets so we could accompany Alex to visit, for it's him she really wants to see. It's our ten-year anniversary this year, and we will be renewing our vows by the water in Pensacola. She will be driving us to New Orleans to celebrate Dan's birthday too. Yay! Our first real vacation together! We didn't even have a honeymoon. So this is a big deal!

On top of that, I wasn't planning on attending the ORS's retreat this year for lack of funds for indulgent things, but someone was kind enough to pay my way. So I am going after all. I will be the lady's Abigail, aka Lady in Waiting. So I do get a little bit of fun! In spite of receiving a little inheritance from mom, we have been relegating it towards paying off all of our bills (it is astounding how much money we owe in medical expenses. Seriuosly America needs to get its shit together, this could bankrupt people. If it weren't for mom's money, I have no idea what we'd do).  We also replaced the aging and deteriorating Dodge, and getting a new roof, which as of this spring, with its leaks, became a priority issue.  Yay for pragmatism... even if it means you don't get a great deal of you-time.

241/365 - Tiles

242/365 - The first big rain in weeks. It was so nice. It's dry again now,
but hopefully the Oregon rains will soon return.  I'm a pluviophile. 

243/365 - Selfies

244/365 - Some antiquing with my sister. She was in town for a job interview.
 My sister took a shot and interviewed for the Environmental Manager for Intel here in Oregon. She got the job! She is moving back, I am SOOOooo excited. She is too. She will be close to her nephew and possibly living with us for a while. We may even venture into buying a property together down the line.

245/365 - Seeing Auntie Neenee off at PDX

246/365 - bribery material

247/365 - Super sized measurements

248/365 - Bubbles

249/365 - more bubbles for the boy. He likes his baths.

250/365 - A miniature meal

251/365 - Watching Robots
So my goal has been to complete rewrites on my latest novel. I'd like it to be released in February for Wizard World Comic Con.

252/365 - Plaid

253/365 - Fort Alexander in harsh light

254/365 - My new wheels. A necessary
purchase. I do love the Kia.

255/365 - My table at the Passion in Portland book signing event. Do
you recognize the little dollie? :)
 I sold more books at the Romance event than I'd anticipated. I feel somewhat out of place amongst the romance novelists. There's a pretty broad spectrum of romance styles in this group. I barely fit the archetype since romance is not the main theme of my stories, it's more of a byline. But there was interest. I got lots of people signing up for my mailing list and lots of interest in my Coming Soon for the new title "A Problem of Ghosts". Encouraging!

256/365 - The fairies recently paved
their walk.  Their little door looks
worse for wear. Must be from all those
little chipmunk visitors rapping on the wood.

257/365 - Citron
258/365 - Some mother/son silliness.

259/365 - The old man's beard only needs one good rain
to explode all over the place.

260/365 - The last of the hydrangea - I
found these on a house I was looking at in
Sellwood for my sister.
The autumn has arrived. Although it's dry and sunny the days are so much more tolerable. Much like the Indian Summers of the east. I'm waiting for the weeks of grey and lushness. That is when I'm happiest.

Elections are drawing near. The vitriol is flying on FaceBook and as usual, I'm the biggest troll of them all. BAHAHAHAHA. Who are you voting for? If it's not for Bernie, I don't want to know. Register democrat, and vote for Bernie! <3 p="">
The first sticker on my new wheels. :D


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