Thursday, July 3, 2008


Little Katie was quietly enjoying making a crown of daisies under the boughs of the old chestnut tree; enjoying the early summer day while mother worked nearby, grinding acorns to make a lovely creamy paste for acorn tarts. It was such a quiet, dreamy moment, the only noise the harmonious buzzing of some bumble bees who lazily sampled the flowers in Mrs. Squirrel’s garden, and the sound of mother’s grinding.

But Legs was a mischief maker, and noticing little Katie below quietly working her pile of tiny daisies, he couldn't resist having a laugh. So he dropped down from his web in the high boughs, and came to hang right in Katie’s line of vision. He spread his eight legs to make himself as big as possible and cried out “BOO!”

Poor Katie’s daisies went flying, and her cry of startlement turned into tears as she fled to mother’s arms in fright.

Naughty Legs!

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