Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another *@!*%$& Day in Paradise.

It's just been one of those weeks. Stupid crisis after annoying deadline; stupid person after stupid person. Why can people get away with being unreliable? Why can't people answer emails, follow up on voice-mail, take two freakin' seconds to do something they said they'd do? Oh, and how much effort does it take to add an 'out of office' notifiation to your email and voice-mail?

This is my desk:
Pathetic isn't it?

I feel like I'm going to tear my hair right out of my head. In my mind I wonder if this is all there is? You get up and slog to a job every day that you derive little to no joy from for the better part of your life, so you can enjoy the last decade or two of your existence in comfort? There's something deeply, deeply wrong with this. We get a whopping 70-80 years if we're lucky; we should spend it in the best way we know how! Responsibility SUCKS!!! I want to be a kid again, I'd even go to school willingly this time 'round.

Right now, becoming a hermit in a unibomber cabin sure sounds pleasant. No commute, nobody blowing you off, no whiners, just the trees, my dogs, peace and quiet to pursue the things that center me... wouldn't that be nice? Instead of squeezing the good stuff into the spare 2 hours I get a day to myself? We have to work so hard to keep what we have... is it worth it?

ARGH!!!!! Where is Friday? I'm waiting.

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