Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Meme and some other stuff...

Stolen from "Posie Gets Cozy", one of my favourite blogs; a one-word answer Meme.

  • Where is your mobile phone? Here.

  • Where is your significant other? Errands.

  • Your hair colour? Natural.

  • Your mother? Satan.

  • Your father? Fragile.

  • Your favourite thing? Creativity.

  • Your dream last night? ::shrug::

  • Your dream goal? Entrepreneur.

  • The room you're in? Office.

  • Your hobby? Sewing.

  • Your fear? Desolation.

  • Where do you want to be in 6 years? Comfortable.

  • Where were you last night? Home.

  • What you're not? Polyanna.

  • One of your wish-list items? Funding.

  • Where you grew up? Brabant.

  • The last thing you did? Sneeze.

  • What are you wearing? Clothes.

  • Your TV? Escape.

  • Your pets? Manipulators.

  • Your computer? Drug.

  • Your mood? Ambivalent.

  • Missing someone? Wednesday.

  • Your car? Stompy.

  • Something you're not wearing? Makeup.

  • Favourite shop? Ikea

  • Your summer? Sweltering.

  • Love someone? Irrevocably.

  • Your favourite colour? Lavender.

  • When is the last time you laughed? Always.

  • When is the last time you cried? Yesterday.
Give it a whirl!

It's been about four days that Husband is home, he leaves Wednesday. My heart is growing heavier with each passing moment. It's been a strange weekend. I took Friday off to spend with him, and the whole weekend just zoomed by. Now I'm at work during the day and he's at home doing his thing. It's hard not to allow my sadness pervade the time we're together. I find myself clinging to him and tears starting to form in my eyes. This is very hard. I don't know how military wives to it; if I get this emotional just for a six-week span, where he's not in immediate danger, where he's still inside our borders... I can't imagine how the army wives can do it. Okay, so most of them have children to focus on, but it is still beyond me. I feel like such a whiner. This is very difficult. I let the dread of the goodbye build up, I blubber like a fool as I send him off, and then I feel numb for days.

I comfort myself in knowing he's working for a good company, and doing something good for the world. He's helping Vestas to build wind turbines.


I'm thinking about selling some of my image originals. I figure since most of them are scanned and available for prints if need be, I might just unload the originals of the 'office specials' I create periodically. I'm curious to see if they sell at all. Maybe I'll frame them up really cute. We'll see.

The ORS Regency Ball is one short week away ::panic:: I haven't even made my ballgown yet. I have the headpiece and the shoes done, but that's it. I may have to go in my Regency skivvies. ::tee hee:: Oh boy. We'll see what happens. :)

An update, and maybe something whimsical soon. I also owe you another installment of The Tredwell Secret. I haven't forgotten.


Lauren said...

My goodness, you have been one busy beaver. I'm sorry your hubby is going away again. :-( Looking forward, nay, thrilled to the bone for the ball! Can't wait!!!! I will definately be trying this meme.

storybeader said...

oh dear, that is a difficult situation. I would hate it! I live in a military town, but the wives are along for the ride. They have each other for company, if they don't work.

Good luck with whipping out a dress! {:-Deb


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