Monday, May 24, 2010

Mondays seem less evil with the promise of a 3-day weekend.

Yes, I survived Friday; and even more miraculously; so did my mother. I’m so happy I’ve got her drama to keep me distracted from my grief for daddy ::sardonic snort::

I spent all weekend at home in pajamas. I spent some time with horsikins on Friday evening after running errands with Satan Mom; I picked up some little tiles I made a couple of weeks ago at a glazing shop. I was driving over to meet my sisters at my mom’s house the Friday before last, and called to discover the sibs had taken off for a second IKEA trip and they’d dispatched hubbo to get a barbecue for her. I was like… “should I go to mom’s and wait for everyone?” No effing way! I decided to check out the glazing place I’d been looking at, and thought… heck, why not paint a little something for half an hour? And I did. I made three tiles (slightly messily; but hey, it’s my first glazing experience, and glazing does not act like your standard acrylic). It was really fun though, and seeing how nice they look after the kiln, I confess I’m addicted. I wants me some more! I stopped by last week half-hour before they closed and churned out a crowy plate as well. The tiles turned out fairly cute; except for an inadvertent swipe of delft blue that got mixed into another colour, so my mouse has a blue face… I will add pics on here when I can find my camera…

Anyway… I digress… I got home Friday evening, unsure as to whether the soreness on my body was from riding my overly-energetic-highly-neglected horse, or it was from the stress of restraining the powerful urge to drop-kick my own mama. It was *probably* riding my frisky-ass horse, but the jury is still out on that. Yes, Tag was a SPAZZ. I guess when he isn’t getting exercise, and the weather is crisp (which it has been unusually so lately), he just gets all full of beans. He was dancy-spooky-let-me-run-please-let-me-run boy. So I just squeezed him into a trot and kept him there for a good half-hour, slow, fast, extended, very slow and collected, and then canter off the left leg, attempts off the right… until he had a little bit of sweat on his now shining fur, and all his beans had been depleted.

Tonight he was SIGNFICANTLY better, although nothing slows down his carrot-demandiness; that’s just there all the time (except when he gets a bug). Dan has replenished the treat supply, and Tag knows it.

On the teasy side… there’s this place called “Frog Pond Draft Rescue” in Ohio, which I friended on Facebook because they rescue drafts of course. Anyway, they keep posting all these pictures of adoptable Belgians (Fluke in particular --horrid name cute baby!); OMG!!! It’s so tempting every time… What I would do for a girly-Tag; or a Tag brother… a matching set; his & hers. Of course with hubbo’s employment situation, we can’t afford a second board and it’s hideously impractical, hell we really cant’ afford the first board… but God, seeing those homeless Belgians is TORTURE. Torture I tell you!!!

I got home after riding, pulled on some jammies, ate leftovers, and just vegged out all weekend. We did go out to have breakfast on Saturday morning, but we came home and Hubbo (who has caught my cold) and I just puttered around lazily ALL weekend. It was the first time in almost a month that I had a day to recuperate. I STILL have this cold that started as a sinus infection just before my daddy passed away… I still have a cough and I still feel a bit icky; but this weekend’s complete sack-out was invaluable. I watched movies… TV, browsed the web, and did just about nothing. Oh, I did make some little casserole pots of my cauliflower au gratin on Sunday… but that’s it.

I’m trying now to muster up the energy to make the fruit tart for my husband that I promised him yesterday (it didn’t materialize… I was under a pile of dogs on the sofa).

Nightie night. ;) Monday is almost over.

Oh, here is a quasi-Office special. I sketched her in pencil while I ate my lunch today… inked her at home and coloured her on Arcsoft on my itty bitty computer. Her name is Winter and she’s a lonely little thing. Mother and father often ignore her, and she spends most of her time alone in the nursery, where she invents tragic stories for her toys to play.


Gigi MgGee said...

This is by far my favorite office special you have ever done besides the cool crow guy.

Hungarican Chick said...

Thanks! I'm not sure if this O.S. deserves such accolade... I don't like her face... but she is cute. And baleful too.

As for Cool crow guy? You mean Mr. Corbeau?.. if so, thanks. Besides him, the hugging raccoons remain my steadfast favs and best-sellers.

Sharon said...

I love your office special. It sounds really good to veg out for a weekend. I don't know if I posted this before, but I'm really sorry to hear about your Daddy. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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