Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday--sore and grumpy

Pretty maple leaves from yesterday.
My horse hates me. I’ve come to this conclusion. I got thrown pretty hard on Thursday and I spent most of the last four days in significant discomfort. Tag is still very green, and he had a little freakout on Friday (by little I mean massive) and he decided to work himself up into such a tizzy that he once more, backed himself into something (in this case, a wheelbarrow), in part falling hard onto his left side, and casting me off like a ragdoll. I hit my shoulder and hip pretty hard. My body is no longer a young 20 years old… this stuff takes its toll hard when you’re pushing 40. Holy hell. Hubby had injured his trapezius a few weeks back and he had some ‘pain meds’ <--keeping it generic. So I took some of those of Friday night and Saturday and apparently they made me completely loopy. I am dubious, because I’m always loopy. S-II claims to have been mightily entertained by my mental state. I just mainly recall both she and hubby laughing at me a lot, and my having one of my irrational laugh-attacks on Friday night (another picture just struck me as so funny as to laugh about it for about 40 minutes)… that’s about it. I think my laugh-attack was more caused by fatigue, hormones and silliness than anything else… but who knows?

Sunday, my middle sister arrived with her new hubby (so sweet!) to help get my mother moved to assisted care. After a massive rough-up between the three of us (again); upon my insistence that Satan at least get day-supervision, cleaning assistance and medication monitoring, it was decided to move her into an assisted living facility. It’s the same one where hubby’s grandmother is, so that is good. Since I’m stuck at work, middle-sis came out to handle the bulk of the move, and it’s going to be done today (we hope). I spent yesterday at the satanic den with my sister and our respective manly men, and we packed her up to the best of our ability. We took something on the line of eight huge trash-bags out of that tiny, tiny house. I am still puzzled by how we managed that.

So that was my weekend; half of it limping about ungracefully, practically drooling and giggling in a drug-induced stupor, while trying to assist S-II in making a gown (I’m surprised I didn’t instruct her to put the bodice on backwards or something); the other half I spent scrubbing dishes and packing dirty clothes. Yay.

Now it’s Monday. I so just want to stay home, cozied up in bed, pretending the world does not exist. :::sigh::: Oh well. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work I go. Later.


Lauren said...

Sorry you're sore :-( That does not sound like fun. Feel better!

An attempt at life... said...

Let me remind you about the many times I had to ask you are you sure this is what I am supposed to be doing? *cough cough*


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