Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Tuesd... Oh nevermind.

Fastest Office Special in History. Don't ask about the tadpole.
Just had 'one of those moments?'
Sixteen pounds have left my body... can you believe it? I can’t. I don’t see it AT ALL, except for two pairs of jeans that were already moderately loose on me that now fall down my bum and reveal my fissure de plombier—most irritating.

I’ve been not-so-bloggy lately. Not so anything to be honest. It’s been an inordinately stressful past two weeks. I learned on a first-hand basis exactly how much the local news media can blow things completely out of proportion and incite unnecessary fear in people. Pretty soon they’ll be running headlines like: Playground of Death... the culprit... GRAVITY! Your child can be critically injured in playgrounds! Or Fatality on the Fly... how mosquitoes could potentially be your DOOM! I mean seriously...? I refuse to watch local network news anymore because what they report is so completely separate from what the truth is. Yikes. Anyway... suffice it to say, the incident that brought the news media down on my company was not a shade as bad as they painted it... but what can we do? Oh well.

What’s new? Well... nothing much. I’ve been dying to sew but my BFF (who doesn’t like me anymore because I haven’t seen hide or hair of her for WEEKS) is holding Mathilda (my dress-form) hostage. I haven’t gotten the ransom note yet, but I wager I’ll find one like this one on my windshield very soon:

I want to drape the back of my new gown on her. Damnit. There is NO way I’m hauling my big butt two hours down and two hours back on a precious weekend, nor am I going to get home at nine PM on a weeknight... I’m too TIRED. So I’ll have to be creative I guess. My body is changing shape so I have to allow for some flexibility because the event I’m making it for is in July (although there’s one in June I’m considering rushing the project for—a picnic at Delaford that involves the picking of strawberries which sounds divine.

I finally got everything back up and running on the ORS and RSA websites. Holy crap! What craziness. It’s nice to know that the group is in good hands. And we have events up again! Finally! I’m super excited for S-II’s retreat! Yay! Check out the events page for details.

Satan is still Satan (for those of you who don’t read my blog regularly, I refer to my mother as Satan). She is quite upset that none of her daughters were willing to drop everything for a super-short-notice trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate her birthday (in spite of the fact that she habitually forgets all of ours every year). “You don’t have any vacation time? What if I pay for the tickets?” Umm... No. If I’m going to use my precious vacation time, it’s not going to be doing anything even remotely involving my HM (High Maintenance) mother, that’s for sure. It wouldn’t *be* a vacation simply because she’s part of it. No way, José. A vacation for me constitutes going where *we* want, with whom we want. Too many times in my life I’ve been invited places on other peoples’ terms and ended up being a at their mercy and becoming housekeeper, caterer and babysitter while everyone went on with their normal lives.

The last vacation I had on my own terms (to some degree) was a trip back to Europe in 1992 when I did a 12-day ‘round’ with my good friend at the time, Catherine, who was French and was married to an American. We flew into Charles de Gaul, from there we hopped the train to Brussels, then Luxembourg, then Metz, then we went to the Alsace region (and went into Germany for a day) and then mosied our way back towards Paris to fly home. She visited family and friends, so I was a bit at her mercy, but it was still fun and we had the freedom to stop and wander around towns of those old-style daub and wattle, cantilevered medieval buildings, drink white wine at local wineries and dine with friends. ::sigh:: I am so due for another vacation like that! I’d really like to show my husband Bretagne and Normandy (and let him see the Omaha and Utah Beach graveyards and Mont St. Michel first-hand)... take him up to Scotland, visit Denmark (for him to see old friends from VESTAS) and Norway to Belgium and Holland, and then down to Italy. That would be so nice. Someday. Someday.


Summer said...

Congrats on the weight loss and holding it together despite immense job stress and Lupron! I like the tadpole's comment :)

I do hope your dress form is returned unharmed. It's so difficult to drape without one :( I'm impressed you manage to see a friend who lives that far away.

Carolyn said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

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Karen said...

Ha ha! My dress form is called Matilda, too. I think mine might be older than yours, though, as I got her 25 years ago as a wedding present. It's lasted longer than the marriage. Matilda now wears some extra padding as we both age. Good luck retrieving yours.


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