Thursday, July 14, 2011

Charge! Office Special & Updates

CHARGE! I guess I'm in a 'little girl and her monster phase'. :)

Well, we made it through the month of June. We have our certificate of completion for this first round of training and we now have to set up exams with our doctor and our references need to fill out the forms. We’re on our way. It might be some time before we’re even considered for a foster-placement for possible adoption, let alone be accepted into the program. We’ll see.

In the meantime (extremely girly and maybe even TMI to follow, so read forward with caution), I’ve been told that the Lupron seems to be working fairly well to rid me of my endometriosis, so I may get a reprieve. After my ultrasound yesterday, it looks like the bits & pieces within have gone back to some semblance of normal thanks to these meds, so the doc thinks it might not be necessary to subject me (and those near me) to three more months of Lupron. Although I must confess, having a three-month sabbatical from the discomfort and all around unpleasantness of the monthly cycle has been nice, and I’m not looking forward to that bit coming back. ::boo!:: I may be taken off the six-month program mid-through, and given a higher dose of clomid, we are going to try again one more time.

Other than that, there’s nothing much new going on. I’m still stitching away at my new gown. Here’s a small preview:

There should be a 12-step program for pleating addicts.
I know, it’s not much. Oh well!

I missed the beach trip with the horse. Thanks to the workshops and my job. Which sucks. I was hoping to be able to do that this year. I may be able to go to Timothy Lake, which is up on Mount Hood with some of the barn folks, which I suppose is some consolation. I had a really nice ride with Tag last weekend. We went out to the outdoor arena. Ever since Tag’s fall (that first one we had long ago) when he slipped on the wet footing and his whole front half went down, Tag has been reluctant to canter in the indoor arena. I really have to push him to move indoors. It’s narrow in there, especially for a boy his size. He does so with care on the longe, but he just doesn’t like it very much. So we went outside in the arena, which is easily double the width of the indoor arena, and I ‘opened him up’ so to speak. I let him canter and gallop until he didn’t want to anymore. He ran with his ears perked forward and with a happy snort. He kicked it up on the long-sides and then leaned in on his turns, giving me a teeny buck of delight twice along the way. Boy was I sore after that, but then we trotted it out, and then walked off his sweat. He was so happy. I can’t remember the last time I had a good gallop. I was hoping to let him do that on the beach, but oh well. That’s what it is all about (besides the grooming and bullsh*tting with friends at the barn of course). There is nothing like it in the world. I walked away with an afterglow. Heh heh!

Hood strawbs. Y.. U...double M.
Before we hit the stable that day, we stopped at a local farm-stand and picked up some fresh hood strawberries grown locally. They look teeny but golly-geez-pancakes those strawberries are SO GOOD. They are sweet and heavenly. We decimated the two little cartons before we even reached the barn, leaving a trail of little strawberry stems on 224 all along the way.

I’m giving a dance workshop at the Sandy Community Center on Sunday from 1-4, so if you’re in town and are curious about English Country Dance, it’s only $5, no costumes required. Comfy shoes and clothes’ll do well enough. Bring a water for yourself of course. I am not qualified to do anything more than a beginner’s workshop, so if you’re looking for amazing stuff, you’ll have to find the local dance groups, which I have provided links to on the ORS events page.

That’s my catch-up post for today. I’m working on an extensive post about the construction of my newest gown, but I need to finish it (of course, it has no sleeves yet, and it needs hemmed as well, but I will post it here once I have all my drawings done etc.

Have a lovely week! I’ll hopefully have something more interesting to talk about soon, rather than listing my rather un-extraordinary goings-on.

Oh, and I am at 23lbs this week.


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