Monday, November 28, 2011

And what led *you* here?

So... there's this little widget that allows me to check my blog traffic, find out where most of the visitors are coming from, and see what sort of search terms brought them to this blog.  Now most of the time, they are run-of-the-mill-things, like "Regency Gown" or "My Mother is Satan". But every once in a while, I see some search terms that boggle the mind. So I thought I'd make some screen captures and share some of these treasures with you:

On a typical Sunday night or Monday morning, the search terms are usually the same thing:
Yes, tame, but still funny. It's good to know I'm not the only one who despises Mondays.
But none of the above quite meet the bizarre nature of some search terms...

I can think of some rational ideas why someone would be searching for map-reading ducks...
However the ones that are really weird are usually the sex-related searches:

Octogenarians in Marion Ohio are on the prowl, people.

Someone in Meadows of Dan, Virginia has a penchant for close-contact riding in the buff apparently.

Newcastle Upon Tyne... Really?

And sometimes, it's just plain disgusting. Shame on you, Hawley, Minnesota. A Explorer user no less!
I really have no idea what the hell could possibly be going through this person's mind.

Now sometimes, you get some strange eyebrow-related searches: 

I don't know... Hmm... how *does* one know...?

That's just weird.
And sometimes Jamie Lee Curtis-related searches:

High-rez for zooming.
And every once in a while, you get something really awesome:
Thanks Johannesburg for restoring my faith in humanity.


Misty said...

I haven't looked at mine in a while, but it's always interesting, isn't it. Mind boggling how a porn search leads to your blog. :)

Christine H. said...

I don't get anything like that! Some searches for maternity corsets (they were discussed on a postcard once), but no real naughty searches like the ones you are getting. My popular searches are "Hawaii is boring","brother birthday","bonne annee",and "how to draw the Golden Gate Bridge." I feel so boring now that I see yours!


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