Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Friday, rain, ponies and a sloppy office special

I can't draw today. This hideousness is the final product of several attempts to draw today. FAIL. I guess I should stick to writing. For now. Blech!

I'm feeling a bit more ... even today. I spent some quality Tag-time yesterday. I groomed him while gossiping with the barn-ladies... curried out his big stompy feet, brushed his thick, lush tail, combed out his golden mane... it was like tending to my very first and much-adored My Little Pony Applejack in Super-Size. I collected a huge number of those ponies well into my teens. They were swept away by time and life I suppose. What a bummer. They're worth some bucks nowadays--especially the originals.

Maybe I'll paint some apples on Tag's behind, and some white freckles on his face for Halloween next year.

Anyway... Tag was pretty bratty as usual in the grooming phase. I tie him up on the tie-bar by the entranceway where he can easily reach out his muzzle and assault just about anyone who walks by; which he did. He mugged every person that passed by, and got a few frustrated smacks on his muzzle; which really had no effect at all. I got him all geared up, and climbed onto his back, and we rode for about an hour solid, doing some wonderful things. He really is coming along with his training and I am so delighted by his energy. I never thought a draft like Tag could be light on his feet. He's learning his transition into canter very well, and is sustaining his canter, which is something he is beginning to understand. I felt so damned good after riding. I gave him something like nine carrots... okay, maybe a few less, but still, he was rewarded for his hard work. And for the whole time I was at the barn, not one negative thought entered my mind. Not one sad thought, not one bad memory. That horse gives me peace like nothing else in this world. I'm still bewildered as to why... but they've always done that for me. I think that my upbringing around horses has been the sole reason for my survival through childhood. I really do.

My Shetland pony Penny had a filly. I can't remember what they called the baby. My mother had just sold Penny to a neighbour for their little girl because I'd gotten too big for her. The new owner phoned to tell me to come right over the morning they discovered the new baby. Here I am freaking out with delight. OMG.. she was cute.

This is a type of Belgian Draft called a Brabant. And they say Tag's feet are big.. LOL! This is a stallion that lived next door to our house. That's my sister Anna with our Irish Setter Lily standing next to him. This big guy used to go crazy every time I rode my little pony by his paddock. He'd whinny in a deep bass neigh, and start galloping towards us, and I swear to you I could feel the ground shake. My poor pony mares were always terrified of him. Would wouldn't be? That's a tank you're looking at there. He was used to plough fields... yes, they still do that over there sometimes. :)


Christine H. said...

I've always preferred horses with big feet. It just looks more natural.
Your dog looks so much like the one we had, probably at about the same time. She was a shorthaired Irish Setter.

The Dreamstress said...

What a gorgeous picture of you with the ponies!

storybeader said...

I've missed reading your blog... been so busy with DH and all! BTW, me thinks the drawing is cute! {:-Deb

Lauren said...

I love your pictures. I'm glad Tag makes you so happy.

Misty said...

The smile on the face of the critter in blue is adorable.

I had Apple Jack too! I used to fishtail braid my ponies' tails.

Thank you Tag for giving such comfort. :)

Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

Love the pony pictures. I always wanted on as a girl.


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