Monday, March 26, 2012

Organizing & purging frenzy

A bad photo of the newest project. Simon is photobombing below.
All hail the IKEA Pax storage system! We have reduced the footprint of our small bedroom floor by about nine square feet—but we gained 89 cubic feet in storage space. We went with the shallower cabinets, you can get them in either 14ish inches or 23ish inches. But since our room is small and we had one wall to do this on and only so much room for the bed, we figured it would be best to go with the shallower cabinets.

We got a bit of a tax refund, and most of it went towards bills, but we had decided that in spite of our difficult financial situation, this was a needed expenditure. And I do not regret it at all. I am in love. We now only have three pieces of furniture in our bedroom. The bed, and two bedside tabley type things. That’s it. No horizontal surfaces to clutter! We got rid of THREE dressers (two of which were set ablaze in the back yard and both went up like roman candles-the third is one I painted a tree on and it, along with our log-headboard is going up to seasonal vacation cabin in Prineville belonging to some relatives. The contents of those dressers filled about 60% of ONE 19” bay of this cabinet system. The rest was well... free storage. We did also purge a tremendous amount of stuff. I donated a bunch of crafty stuff to our local elementary school.

Rod for large cabinet
I set up one of the narrow bays for my regency gowns. They all fit. The shallow cabinets do prevent you from hanging things on a traditional hanger rod-being a few inches shy of the width of a standard hanger. I had to get rods that run the depth of the cabinet rather than the width, (if that makes sense). The big one has two rods that stick out like arms. But it allows you to hang things flat, facing the door. The little one is a pull-out rod, so I can tug the gowns out to access all of them easily.

Small pull-out hanger. Pretty sweet. 5 bucks too.
All of my dresses, including my heavy dressing gown, fit in the bay without a problem. We got three 19” cabinets and one 39” cabinet—totaling 8 feet of cabinet storage. I got a double-rod setup for the big cabinet so hubby would have a nice space to hang his jackets and coats. His motorcycle helmet has a place; our clothes are all tucked neatly away. Sheets and blankets have a place, there are baskets on top of these seven-foot-tall cabinets for other blankets, our clothes are in tidy little wire drawers inside. Photo albums and books that usually sit around the house are now neatly organized in this unit. It’s like heaven. This little house of ours reallllllly needed a storage solution.

An approximation of the setup we have. I couldn't get the
hanger rods to place in there.
This cabinet has in essence upgraded our whole house. Having a place for things decluttered the house immediately. We took the twin bed out of the ‘guest room’ and I finally annexed the space as my sewing and craft room (there is something humourous I will add to this later on in another post but not this time). I opened up my cutting table, moved furniture around, organized my things in bins and on shelves, and my sewing machine has its own desk. It’s really the ideal workspace, which is ... argh... maddeningly delightful!

Doors look like different colours on the website, but the aren't.
That’s why I haven’t been blogging much. I confess I’ve been sort of preoccupied. Mostly tired and worn out, partly in a reorganizing frenzy, partly feeling slightly under the weather. There hasn’t been much motivation to draw, write, paint, sew or anything at all.

I am nearly finished with the top of the riding habit. I’m in a bit of a conundrum with the arrangement with the buttons. I may also have to cover them with a second layer of fabric since the metal is shining from underneath. ::grr:: I’m trying to get the piece finished for the Topsails & Tea event in May. Let’s hope my motivation carries me through. I will also need to make new stays pretty soon. YET AGAIN.

Anywho... that’s my boring update for now. I may have more interesting things to share in the next few posts. We shall see!

As you know, I can see how people come to this page, and I often check what people are searching for that brings them to my blog. This is hands-down one of my favourite search-word visitors so far (click to enlarge).


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