Monday, May 27, 2013

Farewell to a friend... of sorts.

The other day, I burst into tears, standing, holding my baby at the counter of the local bookshop up here on Mount Hood.  The Wy'east Book Shoppe & Art Gallery, where some of my artwork and books are being sold, has been a part of my life since September of 2004, when we first bought our house up here in the foresty foothills, and I started exploring our darling little town... is going away.

Cozy and cluttery in a good way.
Sandra owns the shop. She's a kind, taciturn kind of lady who has been good and supportive to me as an artist and a writer. She featured local Oregon writers and artists as much as possible, and provided a delightful, welcoming shop for the bookish crowd; as well as a lovely array of local artwork and jewelry to sell to the many visitors to our touristy place.

She smiled at me when I came in and invited me to sit down before she broke the news to me that she was closing the shop.  A corporate employment opportunity; something appealing to her original corporate background, had come up. An opportunity so enticing, she is going to move to the southern part of the state for it. The timing was also good, because a local half-retired pharmacist was looking for a nice location for a new pharmacy, something we lack up in our community and need to drive about 18 or so miles to the nearest one.

The walls are already showing signs of the closure... there's white exposed to the eye.
The news struck me cold. I honestly felt like I'd been told that a good friend was dying. I just started crying.  I've spent many an hour there. She had all these convenient options. Printers and WiFi, computers, a mail office to boot, where you could fed-ex, UPS or USPS whatever you needed. A fax to send stuff. And of course, the books.  We bought Alexander's first wooden toys there. I would go there and read sometimes. Or just sit and BS with Sandra. We would buy cool, hand-made jewelry as gifts there. Go and pet the two cats that pretty much owned the joint.  I would use it for work when I worked from home occasionally, to print and send stuff.  It is just a great place.  We always would go visit after a meal at the Rendezvous, which is next door. It's tradition.  It's part of my home, so to speak. My territory. My routine.

And now it's closing. By the end of the month, to boot.  I am so going to miss Sandra and her wonderful shop. I feel like I am losing a family member or something. :(

Goodbye, Bookshop... cats... and Sandra.  I'm going to miss you all terribly.

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