Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bib-front pattern? It's about damned time!

Yes, it's taken an age to get my err... stuff together and make a simple pattern from the pieces I use for my 'infamous' bib-front gown. It's an amateur pattern, meaning, there's no sizing, and it's just a pattern made directly from what I created. You will have to use your own ingenuity to figure out the rest. I am available for troubleshooting, but I recommend you consult the original tutorial post I created about this gown first before you come to me.

 This pattern not only includes the bib front pattern, but it also includes some simple instructions on how to use these pieces to create a drawstring version of this gown. I will be making a gown like this soon and will be making a tutorial post about that in detail, and will probably explain it a lot more succinctly than I have in the instructions of this pattern. Give me time. I'm slowly getting back into the groove as my baby's schedule is evening out.

The pattern is a PDF. You can have it printed in large format at a local Kinko's or other large-format printer. The first page is a large format page, and the additional pages are the instructions that can be printed on normal 8.5 x 11" paper.

Please be kind and try not to share the file with other people. The income from this pattern, small as it is, is important as I am a stay at home mom and we need every penny we can get. The instructions describes the best choices for fabric, quantities, etc.

The gown will create, if successful, a drop-front/bib-front gown like this:

Or a round gown like this:

I hope you will be cool, and post me links to photos of your creations, or post them on my Hungarican Chick Facebook Page. I love to see variations and how people use their imagination and creativity using the same pattern. Share share share! And like my blog's FB page too while you're at it. :) Comment below if you want to shout at me for my amateurish offering, I may or may not reply. LOL. ::hugs:: The HC

Pattern Regency Bib-front Regency Round Gown for Download

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Lorna McKenzie said...

Heh hon,
I just bought the pattern but after the Paypal payment I was knocked out of the system and therefore have no pattern :(

Could you check your pay,want records and get get back to me via email enquiries at thetailorsapprentice dot com. Thx :)


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