Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alex's first birthday.

November 17, 2013

One year. One year, this little man of ours has been in our lives.  There isn't a day that goes by where I don't stop and marvel at the very presence of this tiny human being in our lives. After all those years of emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, I'll click back at my posts before I found out I was pregnant, to see for myself the very depth of my monthly disappointment, to look again at the sadness and despair when my doctor told me to stop, and cut me off the clomid.  And then the three months where I could barely keep my cool, knowing I was pregnant, and wanting to shout it to the world, but still too afraid I could miscarry.  But here he is, all 15.9 lbs of him. Tiny boy. He's in the third percentile in size, although the doctors think he's perfectly healthy, just small.  He's active, taking three and four steps in a row before falling onto his knees. Getting into everything. His vocabulary is as follows: Dada, mama, nana (banana), Kitteh, Doggeh, kisses.  He loves chicken, crab, Tillamook sharp cheddar and baked tater-tots, and has recently acquired a taste for ice cream and chocolate (ruh-roh).
Auntie Jess and Alex

Some cute owlies
Some cute owlie napkins

Alex's family looks on. L-R Grandma Linda, cousing Bryan with his mom, Auntie Tammy, and Travis knees in front of him. The older boys could not stay away from the wrapping paper and bright new toys.

Noooo, not the hat!

Alex's beautiful little cake. By Sweets by Stephanie.
 A very sweet gesture. Thanks Stephie!

Mmm... Cake.

Post-party damage.

The sweet site.

I had to hold the hat on. LOL.

Cupcakes aplenty. Gave me something to have with tea for
two days afterwards. :)

Cousin Anthony always tries to act the aloof teenager, But ends up
holding him and playing with him anyway.

The spread. Simple noshies. Fondue, cheeses, salmon dip,
crackers, veggies, salami and chips & dip.

...and Dan's famous Deviled eggs.

Some balloons were added too of course.

Our tiny house was crammed. And it was only direct family.  Let's see... There was Grandma Linda and Grandpa John, Aunt Tammy and Uncle Shawn, Aunt Jessica and cousins Anthony and Baxten, Uncle Joe with cousins Kyle and Travis, Aunt Hailee, Grandma Ted and Grandma Sandy, Aunt Helen and Uncle Matt. Grandma Satan (Myrta) did not want to come, although she told everyone at the retirement home that we had willfully excluded her.

Such a cute cake, needed extra footage.

He got some cool retro fisher-price toys.

The older boys were just as keen to open his presents as Alex was.

Cool paper straws.

Moar toyz!! 

Presents from mama and dada.


A lovely first birthday party.

As we were setting up and decorating, we were overcome with the idea of what we were doing.  We were after all, preparing to celebrate the first birthday of the baby that was never supposed to happen.  Happy Birthday Alexander! We love you more than anything in this world.

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