Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's new, and 365s

Greetings my blog-readers. I am trending towards normal. The meds still make me feel nauseated, but mostly at night, so it's no big deal. I still feel tired ALL THE TIME, but with a two year old, it's not like I have a lot of choices, I simply must function.

I had a blast at the 2015 Wizard World Comic Con. I went there with another author, and shared a table, and behind the table, I felt safe. I also met my first uber-fan, and it was like a jab of energy into my soul.  Nothing inspires like unadulterated flattery. LOL.

I've been revamping the look of my books, and trying to keep myself motivated, in spite of the stress and financial issues we are dealing with. For the third time in fifteen years, my husband was laid off from his job. This time it was because of the falling gas prices; seeing as he worked for a manufacturer that services mostly oil companies, I get it, but man, it just comes as another blow to our already precipitous situation.  He has a fallback job, but it pays quite a bit less, so he's doing his best, and I have been shooting my resume around, but the jobs either pay too little to make daycare justifiable, or they just don't even respond to my submissions. I'm not on unemployment, so I don't have to take the first thing that comes along. I can't afford NOT to be picky--but I'm competing with kids that cost less and that have degrees. It's hard not to take it all personally.  I really could use some structure in my day, and it would be great to get Alex into some kind of day program so he can socialize with other kids. I don't want him to grow up being one of those weird kids LOL. I could really stand to get out of the house regularly. I'm sure it would only do good for my anxiety issues.  But it's not easy finding something that will work.  Keep your fingers crossed for me folks.

In the meantime, I'm here taking my pic-a-day photos.  Here's the last 20 days, picking up where the last post left off.

21 - Cake Tin

22 - Rust

23 - Petals

24 - Portland's Double-Decker

25 - Wristband

26 - Chickadee-dee

27 - Peek-a-boo

28 - Pomme

29 - The apple's demise

30 - A 'thquo' as Alex calls them.

31 - Toyota Texture

32 - Magnificent Steamer

33 - Teddy Train (edible passengers)

34 - Wallpaper

35 - Panes

36 - Beads

37 - Spring Sprunging

38 - Leaves of Metal

39 - Neon

40 - 42

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