Sunday, March 22, 2015

Days 61-80 of the 365 Photo Project

Nothing major going on here at the Johanesen Cottage (as we call it on Facebook). Just life...

61/365 - Redesigned covers for the trilogy.
You can find my books pretty much on any
seller site. The hard-copy of Tinna's Reign is still
being reviewed.

62/365 - Bedtime. This is Grandma Georgia's quilt. I love it so.

63/365 - Flower, prematurely aged, and a bit frail, is cozied up in Grandma
Georgia's other seventies-style quilt. The back is flannel. Warm.

64/365 - Bad picture, but it shows OC, soaking up the cozy.

65/365 - Working on some illustrations.

66/365 - A nice soda water, my favourite
drink. It was our first time at Mount Hood Brewing.
Great place.

67/365 - soap suds on the old truck. We sold our Jeep, so we got a truck
on loan from Dan's biological dad. It's a '79 Chevy. A real hoopty--but for some
reason, I like it.

68/365 - Cookin'

69/365 - Alex goes his own way.

70/365 - Some of them bon-bons us housewives eat while watching

71/365 - I was intrigued by how Alex's hair seems to catch all the colours
in the spectrum when sunlight shines on it. 

72/365 - Someone has a viral cold and
isn't feeling well. Early morning

73/365 - The Oregon rains have finally
returned. I missed them.

74/365 - Hearts yet to bleed. Spring is
sprunging here finally. 

75/365 - Midnight binge on tangerines.

76/365 - Doctor's office gadget

77/365 - This mouse belongs
to a certain Theodosia.

78/365 - Alex found an pop-up dollhouse book
I had. It was brittle and the glue had
dried, so it wasn't in good shape.
Alex finished it off, but enjoyed the
hell out of it before he did.

79/365 - a mountain paint-job.

80/365 - Iron skis.

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