Sunday, June 14, 2015

Project 365 - 141 to 160

The year rolls on at what seems to be an impossible speed. These photos begin the morning my mother died. They conclude in a period of calm; slipping back into normality.

141/365 - This was taken the morning of my mother's passing. It was after
we had breakfast. This tulip was just gorgeous, following the curve of
the barrel.

142/365 - Alex, exhausted, falls asleep on Auntie Neenee.

143/365 - Sunday, my mom's memorial.
Alex and his auntie again.

144/365 - Taking mom's things away.

145/365 - Aunt Rosa, my mom's sister made ribs
on Monday. We had a nice dinner.

146/365 - Taking my sister to the airport.
We took an obligatory PDX selfie, since
soon, that hideous rug will be gone.

147/365 - My mom's apartment -- emtpy.
The desolation of it is so jarring.
One minute you're here, the next, the
rooms are empty.

148/365 - Alex passed out with Simon

149/365 - my beautiful son.

150/365 - Peonies at the Sandy farmer's

151/365 - One of the wriggly residents of Johanesen Cottage

152/365- Bunnyface. One of my
receiving blanket critters.

153/365 - Glass texture

154/365 - Open sign

155/365 - scrubby cat

156/365 - Alex discovers the baby carriages at
Trader Joe's

157/365 - A tiny sugary universe

158/365 - Tabletop

159/365 - My specs

160/365 - Skirted Tetra, giving me the stink-eye

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