Monday, August 31, 2015

Project 365 - Days 221-240 (With updates)

221/365 - Got him! Cute huh?

222/365 - Someone named Hailee from Portland
took our dogs from in front of our home, kept them
for a day and a half, and then brought them to the
county pound. They were chipped so they called us.
It cost us a lot of money for this little escapade.
And it created a domino effect that ended up
causing us to lose our beloved Flower.

223/365 - Some humour from my kitchen

224/365 - We can't really afford this, but
we have to do it. A new roof is coming.
In copper penny.

225/365 - Baked tortellini. They're there,
buried beneath the cheese somewhere.

226/365 - The Despair of toe socks. (He steals
my toe socks from my drawer and puts them on)

227/365 - The local hardware store's dog. They had two, but had to put one down
recently. They also have two cats too. Hammer and Nails. Hammer has half
a tail, and can usually be found loafing around on shelves. Nails is more

228/365 - Some tiny free tomatoes 
229/365 - Welcome to Oregon. LOL

230/365 - My son is anticipating his trip to Pensacola with an advent
calendar I made for him. He is so excited to add his daily sticker that
gets him closer to being on a plane.

231/365 - The play cube. Flower went missing the day I took this.

232/365 - Chess pieces. My dog was still missing. 

233/365 - The salty codger of the Barlow Trail Roadhouse. Our dog
was found dead. Her new collar had gotten caught in an empty plastic
dog-food bag, and she suffocated on the neighbour's property. He returned
her stealthily. With a note nailed to a tree, and my dog, covered in a
tarp and leaves in a wheelbarrow at the foot of the tree.

234/365 - Dinner with  fellow authors
at the Raven & Rose. Great place.

235/365 - Alex passed out under my legs.

236/365 - Alex's auntie Stephie is reading him a book at B&N

237/365 - Pins
238/365 - Simon is alone for the first time in his whole life.
He's visibly depressed.  I vowed we would not get another
dog after these were gone, but I can't help but think about
puppies when Simon looks so damned sad without Flower.

239/365 - The book Auntie Stephie bought Alex is a source of great
delight. It tells all about air travel, and it has fed his obsession with

240/365 - The aerospace bin has been emptied and most of the craft have been
placed on the table (except the dump truck, not sure what's up with that)

Farewell my little Flower.
You were the sweetest dog in the world.
Your mysterious illness that nearly bankrupted us
but was never identified can no longer cause you

I am only relieved that I did not have to make
the decision to euthanize you. The act of putting a
collar on you did that.  I hope you didn't suffer, little

She is buried with Eddie now. Not too close,
cause Eddie was grumpy. Both of them sharing a
fleece.  They're in the yard where we go and sit
a lot. So they can be with family.

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