Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Project-a-Palooza; Project ONE; Luxurious Lip Balm

I’m in project mode. I shouldn’t be. I should be finishing my latest book, but no. I have gone all crafty, and I have several projects lined up as if there's another personality inside me who's even more obnoxiously belligerent and mischievous than I already am. 

Technically; the first project was really the gown for the book cover of the manuscript I"m supposed to be finishing, but since I’m not releasing yet, so I can’t go around flaunting pics. I didn’t take many anyway. Here’s a sneak preview though:

Lots of sumptuous, velvety drama here.

The first official project for Project-a-Palooza is making some lip balm.

I know, it’s a small project, but I wanted some lip balm with a bit of a fresh tingle, made with all the crunchy organic foo-fooness that is required in the Pacific Northwest. 

So here goes. Finding the ingredients for these things is fairly simple online. I found mine at a homesteading store in Southeast Portland, because yes, there’s a homesteading store in Southeast Portland. They have pretty much everything the crunchy granola PNW person would need, from seeds and eggs, to cheese cultures and soap-making supplies; it’s a DIYer’s dream. It even has a hipstery logo. It's awesome. It's called the Portland Homestead Supply Company

What you need for this quick project: 

Shae Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E (liquid preferably), Organic Raw Honey, and your favourite Essential Oil.

I recommend the following ones from the ones that I have:

Lemon-lavender (mix), Peppermint, DōTerra’s On-Guard (great for fighting a cold), or what I used; DōTerra’s Slim & Sassy – because putting a weight-loss booster in your lip balm RULES (and because it lovely, is safe for consumption, and when applied topically, provides a refreshing tingle). But the essential oil(s) you use is wholly up to you—just make sure that they’re safe for consumption, they’re not ‘hot’ oils, which means that some oils, like Cinnamon, for example, in its concentrated state, can actually cause irritation, so use with care.

The quantities in this recipe comfortably fill six of these little tins when all is said and done.

In a double boiler (in my case, I filled about two fingers of water into one of my sauce pots, and then inserted a metal bowl over that), add the Shae Butter, the Beeswax and the Coconut Oil. Cook it on medium so it doesn't heat too quickly.

I let them melt together. They each melt at different rates. I added the vitamin E and half of the essential oil at this stage.

When it was fully melted, I swirled the spoon of honey into the emulsion until all of the honey had dissolved into the mix.

The amount of essential oils you add is entirely up to you. I say 10 drops minimum. I personally added 22 drops. Ten at this stage, and then two drops in each container after I poured the blend into the tins. I stirred them with a toothpick while they were still hot.

Be sure to mix it well before and while you pour it into the tins. 

Once poured, let them cool. And voila. A smooth, moisturizing, healing lip balm in less than fifteen minutes. Pop a label on these and they make lovely gifts for your friends and family.

And that concludes project numero uno for Project-a-Palooza 2016. 

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