Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Youtubery Goodness

I posted the second half of my bonnet tutorial last night. I speak in this one; and in it, amid my yammering series of 'Ums' and 'Ers'; I manage to get the message out (plus I also manage to slip in a picture of my dogs for good measure, just because). I am of course plugging my bonnet pattern on my etsy shop... but look what a fine bonnet it makes...

Incidentally; I went hunting for this video when I was reminded of it recently watching TV. This is the third time I've noticed this song in American commercials or media. I saw it in a Pepsi commercial, and now Gossip Girl ::yugh:: trailers. When I was growing up in Belgium, this song hit it very big there. I recall bouncing off the walls as a little one with my neighbor friends screaming "CA PLANE POUR MOI!" at the top of our lungs. Of course, looking back at Plastic Bertrand these days, I think he looks awfully silly in his leather pants and puffy hair--but it was the late seventies people... and Belgium too. But the quality of the song isn't the least bit diminished, 30 years later. Amazing how relevant it sounds today... Love it still. ::Screams: "CA PLANE POUR MOI MOI MOI MOI MOI!!!"

Feel free to dance.


storybeader said...

I like the second video better - but I'm not into sewing. Thanks for the distraction. I needed it!

elfkin said...

It's french punk! teehee.

Hungarican Chick said...

Belgian, actually. ::heh::


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