Thursday, December 11, 2008

100* Truths About Me.

This was stolen from my friend Steph's site. I do have thiefy tendencies when it comes to Memes. They require much less work and much less imagination from me than a standard post would. So woo-hoo, I say.

1. Last beverage – Water
2. Last phone call – Phone call purchasing department.
3. Last instant message – A while ago, with hubby.
4. Last song you listened to – Farewell Marian (Classic English Country Dance)
5. Last time you cried – Last night, reading sad book.
6. Last text message – Hubby, yesterday.

7. Dated someone twice – No.
8. Been cheated on – Yes.
9. Kissed someone & regretted it – Yes
10. Lost someone special – Oh yes.

11. Amethyst, Royal Blue and Warm Burgundy Red.

12. Fallen out of love – No way. It’s gotten stronger if anything..
13. Laughed until you cried - Just this past Saturday with Sis & Guy on Martini night.
14. Met someone who changed your life – In the past month? No.
15. Found out who your true friends were – I believe I have, yes.
16. Have you kissed anyone? – No, because Hubby’s been gone for 5 weeks.

17. What is your favorite flower? – The tulip.
18. How many kids do you want to have? – I’d be happy with just one. God willing.
19. Do you want to change your name? – Already did when I got married.
20. What did you do for your last birthday – Quiet Dinner with Hubby & friends Tara & Xian.
21. What time did you wake up today ? – 5:20 AM
22. What were you doing at Midnight last night? – Writing on Facebook that I probably should be in bed.
23. Name something you CANNOT wait for – Dec. 20. Hubby comes home.
24. Last time you saw your father – September of 2007.
25. What's one thing you wish you could change? – My past.
26. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? – several Toms, actually.
27. What's getting on your nerves right now – Menstrual cramps.
28. What's your real name – Stephanie
29. Middle Name – Lynn.
30. Zodiac sign – Pisces
31. Hair color – dark brown with an increasing amount of grey.
32. Long or short – Fairly long when wet, when dry & curly much shorter.
33. Height – 5'4”
34. Tattoos – None. And I’m too old to get one now without looking like I’m desperately clinging to my youth.
35. Righty or lefty – Right handed. Right brained.

36. First surgery – Had shard of turkey-bone removed from the ball of my right foot (don’t ask)
37. First piercing – ears, first and only. Too chicken to do anything else.
38. First best friend – Jerome Sparks
39. First sport you joined – Horseback riding.
40. First pet – Black Pug named Snow-white.
41. First vacation – I have no idea.

42. Eating – dry vanilla granola cereal
43. Drinking – Chai Green Tea
44. I'm about to – go to the restroom.
45. Waiting – for the right financial opportunity to come along to change my life.

46. Want kids? – God yes.
47. Want to get married? – I am already.
48. Careers in mind? – Even now at 37, I am still up in the air on that.

49. Lips or eyes? – eyes. They are the window to the soul.
50. Hugs or kisses? – Oh, nice, enveloping, lingering hugs where you lean your whole being into them completely… I like those so much.
51. Shorter or taller? – Silly question. 95% of women instinctively want taller. It’s genetic.
52. Older or Younger? – Older. Nothing beats experience.
53. Sensitive or loud?– Weird choices, oddly matched, but Sensitive – I’ll handle the loud.
54. Hookup or relationship? – Random hookups can only do damage, no matter how much people try to deny it. Relationship or bust.
55. Trouble–maker or hesitant? – Those too are badly matched words, but I’ll take someone who’s playfully bratty over someone who’s fearful and hesitant any day. Who wouldn’t?

56. Kissed a stranger – Yes, a few times during New Year’s Parties.
57. Imbibed hard liquor – Is this Meme meant for ten-year-olds or Menonites? Of course.
58. Lost glasses/contacts? – Yes. And have had glasses chewed up by my dog too.
59. Run away from home – fantasized about it many times as a child. Never followed through though.
60. Been arrested – Almost, but no. Friends got caught, I didn’t.
61. Turned someone down? – Yes.
62. Cried when someone died – Uh… Yeah. This question is absurd. I do actually have a soul.

63. Yourself – yes, but I let other peoples’ doubts create more in me.
64. Love at first sight– Lived it. Yes. I knew my husband was the one the first time I laid eyes on him. His smile melted my heart..
65. Santa Claus – I believe in what Santa Claus represents. As proven here.
66. Kiss on the first date – If it feels right, why not? Just don’t do it for the wrong reasons.
67. Angels -- I believe there are some exceptional people in this world who would qualify as such. Especially George Soros if he decides one day to grant me lots of funds to realize my business dream. ::heh heh::

*apparently the original meme author ran out of questions to ask well before they reached promised quantity of ‘truths’. So in this case, this is 67 truths about me.


Lauren said...

Quite interesting :-)

A Day In the Life . . . said...

So I got on here to say hello, and ended up avoiding my final exam preparation for quite a while reading your posts and following link through link of costuming/history stuff. Amazing. I love your post about "Santa."
So, how is the costuming going? Its NOT going here, but I have excuses! Someday . . .


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