Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold toes, sniffly nose, so much more left to go.

Oh the wind. The bloody wind, it's driving me to lunacy. This weekend was an exercise in patience. The horrific winds wreaked havoc with the power, and all Saturday and Sunday it was on and off throughout the day and night. My dishwasher, sewing machine, washer and dryer, and my computer suffered abominably for it. It took me a full day and a half to do chores that would normally take a couple of hours... I got no sewing done at all, and anything I did on the computer was subject to instant loss, so I had to simply turn it off for the most part of the weekend. Most annoying. I even had half-boiled eggs at one point.

The good thing is that I got some reading done. And I traced some patterns. I was unable to shower, so I certainly didn't want to leave the house, I felt yucky. I cuddled with dogs by the fire, read, watched some TV between power-lapses, and accepted phone calls when they were able to go through. I was going to take a trip down to visit grandma on Sunday, but I felt so icky, I didn't want to leave until I could shower. When power did come back on long enough to heat up the water-heater again, it was too late to do anything.

THEN, I had to get up this morning at 3:30 AM so I could be at work for 5:30 to train some graveyard shift employees. I dream of the day I can wake up for my own business, wake up to do something I *want* to do, something I *love* to do. Mondays are already yucky enough as it is, starting them at the wee hours of the morning makes them infinitely worse.

And the wind howls on. Branches fly off, birds huddle in crannies, puffed up like pom-poms, my toes are perpetually frozen, my nose is running... The one good thing about all this is that at 2PM, I get to go home because my day started so inordinately early. Score! I can stop on the way home to grab some essentials. I do dislike grocery shopping. I much prefer fabric shopping, and that would do wonders for my Monday mood. ::sighs:: I *must* behave, though. No more fabric until I've done something with the piles I already have. For projects, I have (in no particular order):

1) midnight blue silk velvet, 7 yards (robe for regency gown)
2) 7 yards sheer cotton plaid (black and white with lavender pinstripes) (Regency day gown)
3) 1.5 yards of striped silk taffetta (remnant) (Spencer for friend or possible sale)
4) Muslin-a-palooza (need: petticoat, new shift)
5) cotton damask (5 yards) blue (spencer for me)
6) custom embroidered sheer fabric (white gown). OH, and I have one unfinished full-length regency busk corset to get done.
7) white muslin (6 yards) for a friend's regency gown.
8)1.5 yards lovely red silky fabric for spencer for another friend.

And here I want to shop for more fabric? No wonder my husband calls it 'the craft-house!'.


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Lauren said...

I am so over the wind too! I hate it. My poor doggies haven't had a walk in ages, because they hate the wind too.


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