Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I wanted to stop and take note; to mark it down, to put into words as best I can the sense of pride I feel today. I grump a lot about my country; that's my prerogative as an American... however today, I can only feel powerful pride in my country; particularly in my fellow countrymen.

The knowledge that our young country has achieved what countless, much older, much 'wiser' cultures still have yet accomplish; overcome what other countries still cannot overcome... to subdue unneeded prejudice.... within a single generation... enough so that it has allowed us to elect an African American into the highest office. It's almost hard to grasp. Almost hard to believe.


I am so proud, that the inauguration moved me to tears today.


storybeader said...

it's a proud day for America!
(((happy dance!)))

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Yay - I think our new president has accomplished more in his first week than the last in his entire term! Maybe that's not fair, but it's what I think. I'm so excited to have "the dream team" - Obama/Clinton duo.


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