Thursday, November 12, 2009

Overwhelmingly overwhelmed...

I don't understand it. I am so DOWN. Like super-down. I am paying no attention to the good things, except Tag, and I am just bordering on tears every day. I don't know what my problem is... It's like depression only weepier. It's annoying.

Saturday, I'm supposed to represent the ORS at the Multnomah Library's "Keep Portland Weird" Festival... and I forgot about it. Now I'm wholly unprepared, have nobody to go with me, and I have to go into town by myself and stand there in costume and smile at the odd buffet of humanity that drifts through the library during the event, including some very aromatic homeless.

Yay. ô_ó

On the horse front, I'm still completely in love. Yesterday I was so mopey and morose, I went to the stable and couldn't find it in my heart to ride. I got there and for one, one of the horses, Legacy, had escaped his stall in the night, and taken it upon himself to turn on the arena sprinkler system... so various spots were like a mud bog. Then, I arrived just as the geldings had been let in, and Tag was just digging into his pile of hay, looking so content just macking away. I couldn't bring myself to tear him away from such happy munching. So I gave him an apple and sat in his stall for a while, watching him put away a few pounds of hay. He's so pleased when he eats. I took him out for a while when most of his food had been disposed of, and let him wander around the dry bits of the arena. He didn't wander or run or anything. He just kept following me around. He did stop long enough to roll (OMG, his belly is so cute!) and squirm in the dirt, coating himself even more with soil and ick for me to brush off. This is the second time he's rolled; which makes me feel better, because for a while he seemed to be having a tough time relaxing in this new place. Anyway, when he was done grossifying himself more, he went and stood by his stall door as if to say... "M'kay.. I'm done. Can I go back to my room now?" So I opened the door and let him mop up what was left of his dinner. I threw his halter and my jodhs in the locker, gave him an apple and a carrot, kissed his muzzle and went home. I spent the evening taking a short weird nap, Watching Glee that I had DVRed earlier that night and then went off to bed to enjoy a sleepless night. Argh.

Stolen from Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide... I thought it was funny so I had to share:

I've been invited to take a table at a Christmas event in Hillsboro on December 12. I will probably be selling a bunch of prints of my work. I'm starting to focus on doing some office specials that are holiday themed... like this one from my Five Oaks Farm days:Or a remake of this one... with a much less sloppy office-specialish look:

Now just to get out of this funk and start feeling motivated to do these things. ::argh::


Lauren said...

Sorry you're feeling down :-( I love your office specials, btw, so cute! I can't come to Keep Portland Weird, d'oh. I always have work or something every time that comes around. Maybe next year. Have fun and represent us well :-D

AlohaAroha said...

You poor thing! Weepy and depressed doesn't sound like any fun at all :-(

I hope you feel better soon. If not, see a doctor!


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