Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Friday! ....And Badgers.

Sooo..... Steph II, the evil pastry chef, has been stealthing about planning a ball in honour of... well... me. It's my own birthday Regency ball! How COOL IS THAT?? I've NEVER had anything like this happen on my birthday before. Nobody's ever planned such a fête for me! OMG! I'm so excited! And humbled too! I'm so afraid I'm gonig to burst into tears and weep the WHOLE night. How embarassing. ::heh heh:: I will NEED a new gown for this event, no doubt. I will have to start researching the extants again. I want something beautiful. Maybe in silk taffeta? I dunno. But ... YAY!

My Husband comes home tomorrow! YAY! I'm so excited to have him for TWO WEEKS! This is huge. Six days is barely enough. Of course this means it will be through the holidays, which is stressful, but nonetheless, he'll be there with me. I won't be alone--thank God.

I have FINALLY found a farrier to trim Tag's feet. Apparently American farriers are afraid of large horses. Many, many of refuse to do draft horses, and those who do, charge 'California' prices to do it. It has been a task and a half to find someone to trim and balance my boy. I found a reasonable farrier who seems excited to meet my stompy fellow. What makes me laugh is that Tag; relative to most standard European horses, is really not that big. Tag is only sixteen hands. His legs are thick, his hoofs are biggish... but my first full-sized horse, Tequila, was taller than Tag, and had the same size hoofs (she was clunky, an ex police horse, not exacty graceful, but she was the best horse in the world). Apollo, a Dutch Warmblood, was almost 18 hands. American horses (Mustangs, quarter horses, etc...) are pretty dinky in comparison to the warmbloods and heavy European breeds. The farriers apparently balk at anything that has a little size and heft. And Tag has both.

I was offered another free draft. A black percheron mare named Katie. She is huge. Taller than Tag by a lot, and beautiful, with wavy raven mane and tail. If I could afford the keep and the time, I'd take her in a second. Alas, it isn't practical. Another will come along at the right time. I want to focus on training my big boy Tag (besides, Mares are such a pain in the rear, temperamental and PMSey; Geldings are much more pleasant to work with).

This is a new office special! OMG! it's my Mr. and Mrs. Badger go for a stroll picture. I finished it no more than half-hour ago.

Happy Friday all. ;)


Lauren said...

I love your office specials. Glad things are going well :-)

Christine said...

I am so glad you stopped by my blog. I saw the name "Hungarian Chick" and was immediately reminded of our Hungarian theme party last year. We made all the best recipes out of an old Hungarian cookbook, including a beautiful poppy seed bread and the best cabbage rolls I have ever had...and even Hungarian wine! Anyway, I will stop going on about it, but it is really too bad you weren't there, because we're in Portland, so not far at all and there was at least one other horse fanatic there. I am still laughing after reading your profile (in a good way!) You sound like a lot of fun and I'm thrilled to have discovered your blog.

Hungarican Chick said...

Thanks Christine! I love Hungarian food, despite the need for a side of angioplasy with most of the dishes.

Cori G. said...

Hi Hungarican Chick,

You stopped by my blog this afternoon so I thought I'd stop by ours to say Hello. Oh, your so lucky to have a Ball thrown in your honor...what fun that will be!!! I hope you remember to take pictures ;-).

xoxo Cori

Charlotte said...

Lots of fun news today! Steph II is such a sweetie, and I'm sure you deserve a big to-do!

Mrs Darcy said...

This office special is my favorite one so far. I LOVELOVELOVE bagers and I love how expressive and cute you make your animals. You are a great artist. I love your sweet pictures. Happy for you to have a ball for you. I follow your Oregon regency thing and am jealous because I wish there was a regency thing in MN, and it looks like you organize lots of things for lots of people and I think it is high time someone showed you they aprpeciate everthing you do. your friend is very sweet to do it too. I hope you post lots of pictures of your new dress and your weeping lol.

AlohaAroha said...

Love the badger picture! Did you read Redwall books when you were young?

Congrats on the ball! I want a ball in my honour!


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