Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Horse-talk. How riveting.

Sunday, I had a late breakfast at the Cozy Cabin, our favourite breakfast haunt. I donned a nice warm sweater, my riding pants, had breakfast and then went to the barn to see my boy.

I've noticed that Tag is losing a bit of weight from his new exercise regimen. I am going to have to start supplementing his diet to compensate for it. He is a happy guy though. I got there, brought him inside. He was allowed a reprieve from being indoors-only-boy because the ground was frozen and hence, no mud to aggravate his Scratches sores. He was a pill to get out of the little annex from the paddock. He put on the brakes, afraid of something in the parking area near the arena exit/entrance. He has been doing this for some time, being a big doofus about going outdoors from the arena or coming from the turnout areas to the area near the arena entrance. Something spooks him there.

I eventuallly managed to get him indoors, and to groom him down. He likes that bit. Especially when I curry his inner thigh.. he stretches out his whole back quarter and relaxes, his eyes closing partways. So cute.

I tossed on the saddle with his plaid saddle-pad and thought... man he's adorable. Looks like a Shetland Pony someone put into an Enlarge-a-Tron. I took a picture. His attention is always on me when I'm over by the tack area, because that's usually where nummy snacks come from.

This is one of the few English saddles in the the whole barn. I have only seen one other one. I am frequently teased about my English saddle and gear; the Western rider majority find me to be a bit of an anomaly. I am what I am I guess. Anyway... I love this saddle. I've had it a long time. I laughingly say that it's never met a horse it didn't fit. It's so comfortable--and even after all this time unused, the leather is softening again, and I can feel those little spots that were worn in by me years ago giving way again. ::sigh::. I want to buy a cheap used Aussie saddle to trail and beach ride on without fear of messing up something valuable like my Stübben. I like German saddles. For now, arena riding is fine, so I use my all-purpose all the time. I might break out the Dressage saddle sooner or later. For now, this is fine.

Tag is now in his winter coat. When I first met him, he was still golden and velvety; now he's full on furry. It poses a small problem when we ride, because he sweats, and the long fur holds the moisture--making it difficult to cool him off, dry him off and keep him from getting cold after were done working out. It sure is cute though. My sister Helen recommended a trace clip. which means I'd be shaving a big racing stripe on his sides, neck and half his face. Poor baby. Have we no respect for his dignity? It would help him dry faster, but of course that means I'll have to find a big ol' blankie for him to keep warm if he's partially furless.

The Trace Clip.

See how sweaty? Poor baby. :) I let him roll after I rub him down with shavings and a towel.

Tag was being a doofus about letting me ride him outdoors. He feared leaving the arena. Of course, being the stubborn type, I fought him until he complied. Once he was outside, he was delighted. Ears pricked forward, he watched everything. We trotted up and down the long driveway to and from the barn... and around the side of the property. He was thrilled. Silly boy. We made the entrance and exit to the arena several times to establish it wasn't monster infested or whatever it was he was afraid of... it was a nice ride. A nice day. I love my horse. He's my baby-boo--even if he is about 1600 lbs.


storybeader said...

he is adorable! And the saddle-pad and saddle look so handsome on him. Wonder what he's weary of, in the parking area. Maybe cars? Have fun!

Hungarican Chick said...

I'm pretty sure it's not a fear of a particular thing, it's just his complete inexperience going anywhere by himself. He's a follower. :) He was used for trailing, and always with another horse in the lead. It's a matter of him learning to trust me to take him to safe places.

Lauren said...

He is just a doll. I"m sure he'll be cute, even with his new pending hair-do. What a sweetie.

Misty said...

What a cutie!

Atia said...

Horse talk is always riveting! :) and he is adorable.


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