Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sunshine Day.

First and foremost, I'd like to say this... Is it good to reward bad behaviour? In my case, yes. It is. :)

The Hungarican Chick blog received its first blog award today. Imagine that! Not only in spite of my bi-polar rantings... but actually, because of them! The lovely Christine H says:

"There is so much to love here - She is witty and has lots of photos of her beautiful horse." I agree.. photos of my beautiful horse are award-worthy. Thanks Christine. ;)

Sunny is not exactly the best word to use when describing yours truly. But hey, I'll take whatever positive reinforcement I can get.


Today I am waxing nostalgic. I heard someone say Ulysses today. The name Ulysses, thanks to a cheese-filled childhood cartoon series, is forever ruined for me. I instantly start singing "Ulysses.. Ulysseeees, soaring through all the galaxeeeeee, in search of earth... flying into the niiiiight..." Why? Well, I will reveal this in the first little movie below . I have decided to post some of the things I watched on television as a wee one... Just so you can further understand exactly what contributed to my questionable sanity levels (the whole Hungarian/Puerto Rican thing aside).

Ulysses--yes... a space version of the story. Telemachus is a stupid kid and there's a robot named Nono. Seriously. And yes, I watched this (this is the English version that was aired I *think* on BBC2 but I don't remember).

Candy Candy--a dramatic animé soap opera I was glued to:

These, from what I understand, also existed in the US; so some of you might know what a 'barbapappa' is.

Calimero was really popular. People would cover their cars in Calimero stickers... a little chick with half of his egg shell on his head:

I *know* these little Belgian guys made it to the US, along with Gargamel and his cat.

And lastly, just to creep you out a bit... :)

OMG, I almost forgot this one... It's the adventures of Tom Sawyer... "He's afraid of nothing, he's an American!" they sing. ::heheheh::

Captain Flame (Capitaine Flam!)

OMG, and Maya and Goldorak... I need to stop!

Enjoy. And remember...

Ulysses... Ulyseeeeeeees... Soarin' through the Galaxeeeeeeeee...... In search of earth... flying into the niiiiiiiiight...

OMG, and I forgot to mention... My long lost cousin Viktor actually friended me on Facebook today!

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Antonella said...

well as an Italian I grew up in the70s and 80s with this stuff and I still love it!

do you know Lady Oscar? I guess first transgender person on an animation series for kids (born a girl in 18th century france, before the revolution and grown as a boy by her military father!)
have a look at

I loved her and Candy..


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