Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Driving Drama

So, my mother is on her way to Oregon from New Hampshire. At least, somewhat on her way. They rented an RV, and are driving with my ailing father and traumatized brother, a family friend and a nurse’s assistant.

They left at 8PM on Monday.

This morning, at 10AM, they were near Erie, still in upstate New York.
They are now in Erie, Pennsylvania.
My mother insisted on stopping to rest at a hotel this afternoon.

The nurse phoned my sister today to insist that she is paid and additional $1,000 for “being forced to deal with this delusional crazy woman.” This woman is an Iraq war veteran, and my mother has pushed her over the edge.

My sister was screaming for Helen and me to help, because she’d bought $900 non-refundable tickets for the nurse and the family friend to go home. They are for the 26th. ::glances at the map, and then the calendar:: Mmhmm… that’s gonna happen. <--note the sarcasm. I’m not quite sure how she expects me to help with that situation. I am permanent bad-ranger. If I said “hurry up, mom,” my mother would deliberately slow the process more just to spite me. My poor sister Anna is upset because my mother hung up on her for the first time. My mother habitually hangs up on me and on Helen, almost EVERY time we speak. The language and name-calling from Anna’s mouth would make a sailor blush.


Just got off the phone with my sister Helen. I haven’t laughed until I wheezed and tears rolled down my face in a very long time. My sides hurt.


[Office Special: I thought I'd draw beavers today. Don't know why.]


Christine H. said...

Have you considered moving to New Hampshire?

Hungarican Chick said...

I've tossed around the idea of going back to New England, yes. If an opportunity came up for either hubby or for me, we'd likely jump on it. LOL

Charlotte said...

So, just out of curiosity, is she moving to Ore to spite you? And you are an amazingly sweet person to have had such a role model.

Hungarican Chick said...

No, Charlotte. My aunt, her sister, lives here too. But mostly, because Oregon has a better system for developmentally disabled adults, so my brother can be cared for by competent people.

Christine H. said...

You should probably post an update soon so we don't feel the need to send in a rescue squad...unless of course we do need to.


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