Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sometimes I just can't believe...

I got THIS for FREE!!!!!!

Really? C'mon? Seriously!!

Can you believe it?

How lucky can someone be?

Tag got his feeties trimmed today, and his shoes done. Mark works very hard for his money, because Tag has never been shod before and is kind of a jerk about it. Mark Dietrich (of Foothills Farrier Services) teaches at the Oregon Farrier School and is pretty damned excellent at what he does. He managed to squeeze in an 'emergency trim' for a teeny little three-year-old mare that the barn owner rescued. Her poor feet were splayed out and cracked horribly. Mark quickly trimmed and rasped her down into normalcy and went back to dealing with Mr. Difficult. :) Mark had a student working with him (the fellow holding Tag's lead rope)--he was apprenticing and learning. Sweet kid!

But with fine newly trimmed feet, Tag happily went back into the carrot-mugging routine. What a nice Saturday. He's so beautiful.

Here's some advertising for my excellent Farrier: Mark Dietrich of Foothills Farrier Service. Cell: (503) 991-9810. Standard fees (for teeny American horses: Trims $35, 1/2 Shoe $65, Full Shoes $85) For drafts, it's a few more bucks. Ask me if you want pricing--I can find out what standard pricing is (I have Mark do hot-sets and other such things, so I have my own pricing). Not a lot of farriers will do draft horses, and a lot of them are VERY expensive. Mark isn't. And he does a TREMENDOUS job. And to top it off, he's adorable, and loves to read so he's very interesting to talk to. ;) All the girls at the stable think he's dreamy. ::teehee::


Lauren said...

He's a handsome boy!

Christine H. said...

He really is a beauty. I am amazed you got him for free. I bet he costs a lot to feed though!


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