Saturday, October 16, 2010

An impromptu anniversary

At this very moment, I am perched on a stylish stool, at a tall table made from what looks like a heavy wooden trap-door from a barn.  The bungalow we've gotten is tiny; about two thirds of our living room in size (and remember, I live in a small house...)... it has paneled and bead-board walls, a king sized bed  made of heavy lumbers and lag-bolts that takes up 26% of the space at least, a riverstone fireplace (that turns on with a switch) a itty bitty kitchenette with an adorable antiquated stove... We are at Long Beach Washington; one of our favourite places to go when we want to escape and escape quickly.

We were planning to spend the weekend selling more of Grandma's stuff... but I think after one of the most difficult weeks in forever... we just decided, screw this---we're going to the coast for our anniversary and that's that.  So on Wednesday, I found these little 'bungalows' and we rented #4.  After insuring mother had somewhere to go after being discharged from the hospital, and having a Friday that was to rival all Fridays (this past Friday had the distinctive reek of a Monday if you ask me...), we took the dogs and hit the road, crossed the Willamette and drove along the Columbia to Astoria, and then across that seemingly endless bridge towards Long Beach.

So here we are.  It's our 5-year anniversary.  At this very moment one year ago, we would have been just finishing up our wedding ceremony and trying to get away from the photos to join everyone else for our reception.  We got married at the Timberline Lodge... (you might recognize the exterior from 'The Shining').  Like that day, today was a sunny, bright, chilly day.  This morning, before 10, we'd already had breakfast and enjoyed our first beach walk.  Since then, we've bought some fresh crab, came back here to cook it up with linguine for a heavy lunch (blargh), walked back out to the beach to watch people fly this massive kites while lying on a fleece blanket making sand-castles and playing with dogs. The dogs are so tuckered, I've never seen them this quiet.  Flower is draped over the pillow completely sacked out.  The only reason I'm here typing and not doing other things is that my husband met someone his step-father once knew, he's out there looking at this guy's amazing 1940s hot rod...

Some man-tertainment. Gruntedy grunt.

S'up dawgs. Just chillin'.

Pitty pat of paws.

Hark! Doth I hear the voices of children?
Dan and I don't get a lot of downtime together.  We both have hellish commutes (his is 42 miles each way, mine is 35 each way)... we both work hard, are always very tired when we get home, and we both have family members who demand a great deal of our time and energy.  Getting away is always a challenge, both time wise and financially.  This was an 'irresponsible' choice, to just come up here this weekend.  We really can't afford to do it, but we also simply cannot afford not to. 

Last night I slept so deeply... I can't remember the last time I did that.  I wish I could have trailered Tag up here with us, and ridden him on the beach today, it was the perfect day to do that.  I saw some evidence of other riders out today and I was so jealous.  But we are having fun despite the lack of horses this time.  Next time, Tag comes with us! I'm resolved. :)

Simon's a digger. It's what he does.
Have a lovely weekend all.  I'm going to make a cup of warm tea and relax a bit before we go and find somewhere by the water to eat dinner and watch the sun set.

It turns out while Hubbs and I were lying on the windy beach being silly--see below:

my eldest sister was doing her deepest dive ever off the coast of Florida, and while she was down there, her boyfriend (whose birthday they were celebrating with this deep dive) wrote "Will You Marry Me" on his slate.  My sister said she just started laughing, and they thought she was suffering from narcosis for a second--and she said they were breathing helium, so she sounded like a chimpmunk laughing...) anyway... they posted this awesome video of them when they came out of the water:

Cute huh? Congratulations sis. :)


the Goodwife said...

You are wise to take the time together when you need it! Glad you had a nice relaxing time :)

The Dreamstress said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I'm so glad you got away, and hope you are have the best weekend.

Mr D and I are also celebrating our 5th this year!


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