Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Encyclopædia Monstrositus.

Don't ask. ::arched brow::

Hard to focus on the little guy... but still so cute. My office this morning.
He's far from monstrous... Or is he?
I am in Holiday Funk mode.  We are not 'doing' Christmas this year because there is no way to afford it frankly.  We have been struggling pretty badly these past few months with hubby's significant pay cut, and we are trying hard to keep afloat.

I have put a Christmas tree though. We bought a potted tree (a kind of scrangly one) and I weighed it down with lights and a few ornaments and it looks pretty pathetic.  I have no spirit for the season, I confess. The closest I got was buying a few things for a Giving Tree at our local hardware store.

Anyways... Just a touch of weirdness on my part. The office special of office specials, I guess. I suppose it's probably not a good idea to open up photo-editor while I'm on the phone for any length of time, that's all I have to say on that. :)


the Goodwife said...

What a cutie! Ours are long gone with the cold.

Anonymous said...

Is this a project your working on? It's SO CUTE! I would totally buy this encyclopedia for my kids in a flash.

An attempt at life... said...

You started it!!!!!! I love it!

Charlotte said...

Love it. By the by, did you know my maiden name is Busby? I am definitely not busbylegged though


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