Thursday, April 28, 2011

A reality check

Just a heads up to all you ordinary (and sometimes goofy looking) guys out there... here's a little brush of reality for your day:

is not gonna happen to a guy like this:
Unless he has tons of this:
But the truth is, that if you have tons of this:
And you look like this:
The reality would be this:
Which might be worth it for some.
What you should really be looking at, fellas is this:
But hey, but if you'd rather keep hunting for unicorns and the Holy Grail, have at it.

And ladies, FYI, this:
doesn't exist either.


Summer (Our Heroine) said...

Plastic people scare me. It looks like their brains are airbrushed out ;)

Sharon said...

OMG, Stephanie, you are so right! I remember recently watching a corny move where at the end the man says something equally goofy to the woman, "I'm totally, completely, madly in love with you." I just rolled my eyes and said oh please, what man is going to say something like that? At least not the ones I know. My hubby and I both got a good laugh out of that one. Nah, he doesn't say stuff like that either. LOL


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