Monday, August 1, 2011

A full weekend on horse.

What a weekend! Holy cannoli! First we rushed off Friday afternoon to camp at Timothy Lake.  We had a lovely time there. I got two long rides in, one Friday evening and the second Saturday morning-ish (after we managed to get our collective shit together--there was plenty of fussing and dilly-dallying while many of us were already in saddle and ready to go.  Urgh.  Tag had a good time. He really enjoyed leading the group the best, and was at his best at that moment. He only acted stupid a few times, and I was pretty much prepared for his antics to begin with, so nothing negative happened to speak of.  The only bad thing was my hubby froze on Friday night, and we were awoken by a neighbouring horse that just wouldn't stop blasting out these deafening whinneys all morning.   The trails were mildly technical, strewn with rocks and claptrap, and some spots I'm surprised my draught horse could squeeze through. Once, I had to lift my legs and prop them in front of my saddle just to make it through unscathed.  Hee. Here are some random pics of the day:

Friday night's 'community camp fire'. Our barn folks gathered together
to gaze at a huge fire and BS for a few hours.

Tag seems to like his log-stall.

Camera was hanging from the ring on my saddle, so all pics on horse
were taken at hip-level. :)

I just loved his shadow and his little crest of mane. :)

"Come on people! Let's go!" Tag says.

All geared up on Saturday morning.

Our little tent right next to the enclosure. The whinneys were our
alarm clock.

I like my tack. What can I say?

Muzzles are adorable.

My little English saddle seems incongruous sitting atop a stack of
Western saddles.

The wetland near our camp.

I've posted my gathered/ruched secret gown project separately on this day. You can find it here: Gathered gown


Summer said...

Beautiful! I love the patterned voile :) So inspiring, makes me want to feel well enough to sew up a Regency outfit and wear it out some sunny day.

Fichu1800 said...

You and your new dress look really lovely. The cut is fantastic!

Lauren said...

It turned out lovely!!! Definitely my favorite of all of your gowns :D


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