Thursday, July 23, 2015

Project 365 - Days 181 - 200. Wow. I've stuck with it so far!

Summer has settled in with a searing vengeance in the Pacific Northwest. The 'Blob'; an ocean phenomenon created by El Niño and exacerbated by Climate Change, has brought hot dry weather to Oregon in spades; creating a drought that may well harm crops, and has already affected water levels throughout the pacific northwest. It's hot. It's dry. Mount Hood looks like it normally looks in late August. It's icky and I hate it. I've been huddled in the house in my vampire skin, wishing for Autumn with all my might. I've been trying to write between being used as a human jungle-gym and repeating the sink to dishwasher cycle for the five billionth time this week.

Other than that, things have been reasonably quiet. I've been prepping my authory stuff for some shows and conventions I am participating in with a fellow author, and trying to finish a book for release.  In fact, I'm procrastinating working on it right now by blogging here.  So let's get to my next collection of pictures for these past 20 days. It's been a time of mostly peaceful house-dwelling.

181/365 - Bad quality, but it had to be taken.
This is my son literally standing on his
father's head.

182/365 - More grain texture. It was so pretty. And it's delicious
too. Trader Joe's couscous blend.

183/365 - This would be my favourite photo of all time, if it weren't for the
disgusting hairs from Simon stuck all over my kid and on his lips.
Summer also brings the joy of shedding. And when you have a dog that
looks like a walking piece of Flokati rug, you're going to have a lot
of hair.

184/365 - He's outgrown his baby dish and mug. I took this shot to post it
on the garage sale page. My sister gave me these years and years ago,
in anticipation of my having a child. I've had them all this time.
He hardly used them.

185/365 - Doughnut peach has a strange, mysterious blemish on its skin.
Wonder who the culprit could be?

186/365 - This is a photo of the sky taken from the reflection on the hood
of a clean Prius. Just because.

187/365 - Randomness

188/365 - Textures and colours

189/365 - Old man's beard looks a little
anemic with all this dry air.

190/365 - Iron Horse

191/365 - Having a bit of vino in the late
afternoon while Alex plays on Fort
Alexander. I was braising beef in
wine, and opened a half-bottle. So,
I decided to drink the difference.

192/365 - Sandy Mountain Festival.
My son, climbing a rock wall. Yes.
He did. The National Guardsmen
were impressed.

193/365 - I suspect they must be dyeing
some of these blossoms.
Still a riot of colour.

194/365 - My husband's successful anti-bear campaign. It worked. No more
bear raids of the garbage have occurred since this sign went up.

195/365 - Hammie and Alex enjoy a little playtime. He loves his
new hamster friend, and must have 'hammie-time' every day. And yes,
I do start rapping "Hammie time" when he asks.

196/365 - The boy rarely naps these days. This day, he passed out in the crook
of my arm. Those eyelashes slay me.

197/365 - A visit to the doctor for both of us.

198/365 - Reflections

199/365 - Mmmmmmmmmmms

200/365 - My husband's old '50 Chevvy five-window truck. It belonged
to his great grandfather. Someday, I hope we will be able to afford
for him to restore it.

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