Thursday, July 2, 2015

Project 365 - Days 161 - 180 Summer days begin

161/365 - White bleeding hearts

162/365 - Old wood stove and chimney on
nearby property.

163/365 - A visit to the old boarding
facility. Doing some web-work for the
owner, if I can pin her down for content.

I won't lie. It was tough being there. I miss
my horse.

164/365 - Tea-cake in the works

165/365 - Alex is obsessed with the old
green truck. Loves it more than
Fort Alexander.

166/365 - Big leaf maple leaves are big.

167/365 - Making good use of overripe


169/365 - Gettin' the stare-down

170/365 - Peacock feathers

171/365 - The walking Flokati enjoying the sun.

172/365 - I stacked a little rock tower. There are two kinds
of people in this world; people who would leave this alone,
and people who would knock it over. I guess three kinds,
because there're the weirdos like me who build them.

173/365 - Huckleberries are well on their way.

174/365 - A special treat from my favourite sushi place (Sushi & Maki in Clackamas)
That roll in the front is the Florida Roll, which contains real crab, nori,
and is topped with tuna and thin sliced lemon for the most amazing flavour.

175/365 - A nice batch of spaghetti. It was

176/365 - Joined the local farm co-op, and
secured some fresh local eggs. So much
richer and yummier.

177/365 - A hamster plush in lacy shadow

178/365 - an abstract selfie?

179/365 - Meet Hammie (we might rename
him). He was at PetCo when we made
a routine stop. He was up for adoption
with his cage for $20. No way you can
beat that. Alex is naturally obsessed with

180/365 - I had to crop out and and remove what looked like the
carcass of a pupa. Looking this close at grain was
kind of disturbing. But the textures in the brown
rice were still beautiful. 

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