Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Friday!

My friend has shared a quick story about having held a tiny black baby bunny, and it just warmed my heart. It inspired this happy-Friday drawing.

I'm a strange soul, yes, but nothing brings out my tenderness more than a vulnerable baby animal. Okay... tenderness, but you'll also be imposed upon with an unending series of "awwwww..."s and squeals and repetitions of the words "cute" and "I waaant one!". I'm a sucker for baby animals.

There are very few babies that don't create that reaction in me. Human babies will occasionally, but that's a tough one... because to me they're just not as high up on the cuteness scale as .. oh ... a puppy, for instance... or a baby elephant. Human babies definitely rank higher than baby birds (before the down comes in) and rodent pinkie babies, but still are not as cute as baby orangutans for insance.

::Tee hee:: Okay, that's mean... but to me, even the lowest cuteness-ranked baby animals are so ugly that they are adorable. Even featherless baby birds. I still think human babies are cute to some degree.. tiny feet and fingers, for instance... but I think human babies are cutest when they're already walking, wide-eyed and trying to talk with tiny voices and asking fragmented questions. Anytime before that, they're just not half as appealing as a box-full of kittens. Sorry!

Happy Friday from evil me.


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