Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Uninteresting Evening...

I got home last night determined to get a baby squirrel that's started frequenting our corn-cobs on camera. He's so cute, and Marmee Craft's recent squirrel post inspired me to go out there to capture the cuteness. I was successful! The little bugger was there when I got home, so I grabbed my camera and chased him around the tree a few times. He wasn't pleased. He made the little whiny "peeew--peew" noises at me, and postured a bit. He's not very imposing; he could easily fit in my hand.. and his tail is not even fully fluffed out yet.

After harassing the baby squirrel, I went inside and got a bonnet I wanted to get on camera to show someone, so I figured I'd take advantage of the remaining daylight to get a decent picture of it. So I took it out to the fence and took a picture. It's a bonnet for a little girl, so it's really small and cute. I simply had to use pink... I had no choice in the matter ~ it's for a little girl, after all.

I then went around and snapped a couple of other photos of the rainy garden. The three that really stood out were the really bold coloured rhododendron flowers, my slowly unfurling hostas finally waking for spring, and the old-man's beard that has taken residence on our fence. That stuff really puffs up and proliferates during winter and spring.

Otherwise, it was a quiet evening of bonnet-making and dog-tormenting. With hubby away, I have to pay special attention to the dogs to make sure they've been properly rumbled with, and Simon has had his toy tossed for retrieval the requisite number of times each evening or he won't let me sleep. :)

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