Friday, June 12, 2009

A Doggy Friday

Posie Gets Cozy's post today is so sweet, it inspired me to throw together this little blurb about dogs. It's a Happy Friday; but due to the large workload I have here, I have no time to take an office-special break; maybe later. ::ugh::

Anyway... My Ode to Canines...

I am always happy to see you.
I am your center of comfort.
I am your body-warmer.
I am always here.
I need you and you need me.
I am soft and snuggly.
I make you laugh.
I am occasionally smelly.
I am sometimes impossible.
You never are angry at me for long.
My eyes can express more than you can possibly imagine.
I will clean away your tears if you let me.
I watch over you.
I protect you.
I sometimes frighten away other marauding dogs with hysterical barking.
I lie on my back with my belly in the air.
I am easy to please.
I demand your attention.
I am smarter than you think.
My shedding adds interest to your dark boring clothing.
I like toys that squeak and flail.
I was once the cutest puppy on earth with oatmeal breath and a pink belly.
I can smile.
I know what I want and who I am.
I am mischievous.
I am a comedian.
My loyalty to you is steadfast and unbending.
My love never strays, even when you are a jerk to me.
I am earnest and sincere in every wag of my tail.
I’m a blanket burrower.
I am your greatest fan.
I am your best friend.
And my paws smell like Fritos.


PapillonJewelry said...

Your doggy is way too cute! Love the "poem" too!

Misty said...

Here here!

That's a sweet picture too.


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