Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Renewal.

It’s Monday, consarnit (that’s a Prospector-talk for 'Monday’s Bite'). Yes, you know my feelings about this particular day of the week ::narrows eyes into evil slits:: It’s the day of the week I could easily murder and hide under the floorboards with no remorse.

We had a nice weekend. Today we’re getting our new sofas. We’re in renewing mode; and we’re replacing our King bed with a Queen (arrives this weekend) and yesterday, I bade farewell to my first new sofa set, purchased for me by my evil but generous mother back in 2000 when I bought my first house in New Hampshire. It was a cute, chunky sofa set, with a nice graceful curve on the arms, and a really commodious feel to them. There's a little ‘pit’ worn into the left side of the loveseat where I sat the most; usually with a dog snuggled in against my bum and a little throw blanket across my knees.

I posted an ad for the loveseat, armchair and ottoman on Craigslist this weekend, and within two hours of my posting it, I got 20+ emails about it. After winnowing down the flakes, it came down to a mother who was trying to find furniture for her young daughter who’d just had a baby and was setting up her home. They were slow about it, having trouble finding someone with a truck to fetch the stuff, but at length, Grandpa was drafted, and they showed up last night at about five, and took my set away. Oddly, I had to fight back some strong emotions watching it drive away, and sweeping the toy-fluff and dust bunnies left behind. I didn’t expect to feel so strongly about it. It’s just stuff, I kept saying to myself. I cannot deny the fact that set has been with me almost 10 years, and followed me from the east coast. It was cozy and it had lots of memories attached to it; including the chew marks from Simon’s puppyhood on the wooden base, and the frayed fabric where many a dog-nail has been dug in for launch… That loveseat was also Eddie’s favourite place to snuggle underneath the ratty plaid blanket and growl if anyone touched him. ::::::::::sigh::::::::::.

Just before I started moving them onto the deck, Simon was curled up into a doughnut in the perfect little nest on the top back of the armchair; formed from years of use as both bed and squirrel-watching-post (he’s using this spot here) I almost shed a tear. The pups seem so disoriented now that the furniture is gone. They don’t know where their usual landscape went. Both Simon and Flower were brought into the house as it was as puppies, unlike Eddie, who weathered much change and was accustomed to the landscape changing. If he were around, he'd have taken it in stride. Flower and Simon simply sat on the floor by the fireplace looking lost. They were relieved when we set their crate back up; but their confusion remains. But not for long, I'll wager. I'm sure they'll adjust to the new stuff pretty quickly.

We replaced the short, high-armed loveseat with something we can stretch out on. World Market’s Quinn sofa.

We also picked up the Elyse Twin Sleeper. It’s a cute over-sized armchair, but also has a little fold up twin bed in it. Our tiny house offers little room for guests; so I thought it would be cool to have a practical thing like this.

I’m excited. They will be delivered to our house this afternoon. I’m sure the dogs’ll adjust to the new landscape and more snuggle spaces. I’m looking forward to the change. I may even paint one of these days.


Samantha said...

How exciting! New furniture - this set will look very lovely I am sure!

Misty said...

I love Craigslist. I once sold a box of my old dance costumes to a woman for dress-up clothes for her granddaughter. It was hard to part with, but I needed the space and I know they were put to good use.

The new furniture is cute!

Anonymous said...

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