Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loafers and hayburners.

Hubby is home all this week. The dogs, in part, are much enjoying it; using the extra time to smash down the cushion on the new chair to get it just-so for snoozing and squirrel-watching purposes. Hubby sent me this picture yesterday; he titled the email: Dog Day. You should note the tiffany lamp-shade lying on its side on the upper left side of the photo. I think I may have to move that lamp now that we have a wider chair and narrower table; or it'll be smashed to bits by the idiotic Simon.


Now onto some irresponsible news:

I'm considering getting a horse. I know it's irresponsible and crazy, but I'm still in consideration phase right now... I haven't made any decisions. I'm looking at this guy:

His name is Tag, he's nine years old, and yes, he's a Belgian Draft. I know, it's crazy... but I love heavy European horses, it's the kind of horse I've always been around; he's 17 hands... stompy and sweet. I want to meet him, slap my all-purpose on him and take him for a spin. There's a three-year-old that I'm interested in too, but he's really green, and I'm not sure if I want to go through the whole training process. I just want to have a muzzle to give kisses to and a friend who'll take me on quiet, mind-clearing rides, and let me groom him and fuss over him. Tag's tail is wholly pathetic, but time and meticulous care and grooming can fix that (given that it hasn't been cropped into a puff as they often do with drafts)..

Am I nuts? Probably. It's all contingent on whether or not we can find and then afford boarding for him. I'll keep everyone apprised.


An attempt at life... said...

Do it!!!!!!! Get the horse... you know it will make life so much better and less stressful!

Lauren said...

Get him :-) And let me ride him too. You can bring him to events. I totally agree with Steph, it will help with your stress too.

Tiffany Lamp UK said...

Definitely move that Tiffany Lamp, their not easy or cheap to repair.

Misty said...

So many cute fuzzy animals today! I would love to snuggle up with the dogs, and feel Tag's soft muzzle. Just imagine the blog fodder if you got a horse... :)


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