Monday, January 11, 2010

The Oregon Regency Society Feast of the Twelfth Night.

Okay, so it wasn’t exactly ON the twelfth night, but we have to be flexible. It was an event which turned out to be exactly the sort of experience I had in mind when I started throwing together ideas of what the Oregon Regency Society could be. Oddly, it wasn’t just the grand sparkling balls with live music that really ended up *really* tickling my fancy (which they do, quite a bit); but it was an intimate table of one and twenty; with easy conversation, laughter and friendship. Something about the food, the wine, the increasing ease and comfort of the conversation, and the new acquaintances that you very quickly feel akin to with the assistance of victuals and spirits ;)

The McLean House in West Linn was wonderful. A small 20s house; meticulously refinished and cared for, is a perfect venue for so many things! If you are looking for something classic and beautiful… this is the place.

Oh, but Saturday was a dream. It went too quickly and ended far too early. I think, had we not been limited by the venue’s hours, we would have laughed and danced and played games until the wee hours of the morning. Nobody even had a chance to try the silhouette vellum I made… but nonetheless, even the shortened evening was such a delight.

A table of one and twenty people; a meal served up by Chef Stephanie the Second that was unparalleled... my goodness. I have asked her to provide me a final list of the full menu, because I want everyone to know exactly how much work she did, and how skilled she is, and the sheer extent of what was brought to our table. The meals were also delivered by the irascible ‘footmen’ “Jonkins” and “Timothy” who were stars in their own right—keeping us entertained with their little act. After a couple of glasses of wine, guests were shouting… “Jonkins! Timothy! Wine boy… Jonkins! Where is the wine?”

Stephanie the Second was the star of the night who wanted to hide in the kitchen. She protested as I dragged her out of the kitchen to receive the accolades she deserved from the guests. I have heard (and exclaim myself) nothing but gushing praise of her efforts. The funny part is, she is self-critical. She texted me yesterday and stated that it wasn’t as ‘elaborate’ as she’d hoped… but for those at the table, we found it a luxurious banquet; indulgent and delicious. There wasn’t one thing that passed over the table that wasn’t absolutely delicious. Whenever we thought, wow, that was an amazing meal, more dishes would come parading out. OMG… it was insane. Sunday, I was in a pancreatic coma at home, lying like some overstuffed pig on the sofa, still groaning from the overindulgence of the feast. LOL.

After dinner we did some very simple dances and played whist. Everyone had a lovely time, everyone’s costumes were stellar, and there was SUCH good company. Again, I had no time to do my hair up or put makeup on… I had just enough time to throw on my ‘frankencorset’ and my old white gown with the old overlay on it to hide my inappropriately bulging cleavage… and to rush down to greet the guests.

Anyway… I am satisfied. This is the experience I was looking for back in 2007 when I started thinking: Hmm… Maybe I should create a Regency group…. So we can do regency things. This experience from Saturday... that is what I was aiming for. It was bliss. Thanks Steph II. ;)


Anonymous said...

:big grins and applause: :D :D :D -Laura P.

Christine H. said...

Wow, what a beautiful and fun event.

Lauren said...

It was wonderful!!! Thanks Steph I for hosting and to Steph II for making the divine food :-)

elfkin said...

Oh the romance of an old home! Glad you had so much fun. thanks for sharing.

Fichu1800 said...

Looked like a lovely event. Nice ambience

Charlotte said...

Oh Steph, it was fabulous! and Stephanie II should know that I truly wished that for one night I could continue eating, as it was so very sumptuous. As it was, I was still full well into the next day :) Your vision was realized and I was immeasurably glad to be a part of it. Cheers my dear

William said...

YOUR Ultra-super-coolness is showing...Please another one like this! Thanks so much!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Everyone looks lovely! Did you hear about the new Emma movie? Why of course you did! Silly me!

Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

My, that looks like such fun. The costumes are simply wonderful.


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