Sunday, February 21, 2010

A satisfying Sunday.

Last night was my special birthday ball. It was a delight. I was up Friday night until three AM trying to sew together the velvet robe that would cover my white gown. I made so many mistakes and blunders due to my fatigue, that I stumbled into bed nigh morning, and was too exhausted to do anything else that day besides prepare for the ball. Steph II had secured a rustic spot with open fireplaces by a shining lake, and had peppered the walkways with little lamps to guide party-goers in. She'd hired a caller, and there was dancing and an array of little noshy treats. There was also the most beautiful birthday cake known to man...

"What is your favourite flower?" she texts me the day before. "Tulip," I respond, "Whafferr?" I ask. "None of your business..." she retorts. I figure her mother is going to do a little arrangement... but no. Stephanie scored on so many levels with this cake. It shows true friendship; she pays attention. Cream and lavender... my favourite tones. Lovely designs. The cakes within... OMG... all flavours I love. Buttercream enough to make you melt... and a tasteful single candle instead of being evil and enumerating my years as some bratty friends do. :)

Guests brought me lovely gifts--something I did not expect at all. My husband actually got into costume and danced with me... it was so wonderful. As we drove home, hubby was still peckish, so we pulled into a Burgerville and discovered they still had, until the end of the weekend, their elusive seasonal Chocolate Hazelnut Shake.. my super-favourite nummy treat of all time. So delighted, we drove home, I noshing on this rare and delicious treat for the last time until Christmas 2010.

Today, we had breakfast with the inlaws, followed by a trip to see my equine cutie pie. There were two highlights to this particular visit: 1) he would be able to try on the horse blanket my husband gave me for my birthday and 2) my brother in law, Joe, brought his camera so he could take some shots for me of my cinnamon cutie. I think he did a bang-up job. I don't like having photos taken of me... but there were a few I could live with. :)

"I am noble and strong..."

"But can you see the sweetness in my eyes?"

"Do I not make a fine silhouette with my rider astride?"

A little run in the sunshine never hurt anyone.

Gawd, I love my horse.

"Hey, camera-boy... got any carrots?"


The Dreamstress said...

Wow, that cake is glorious! Definitely more professional than I have ever had in my life!

And you look gorgeous! I am so envious of your hair!

And those pics of you and horsie. Sigh....Swoon...

Christine H. said...

Beautiful cake
Beautiful you
Beautiful horse
Hope you had a very happy birthday!

Lauren said...

Great pics, Steph. Your horse is so gorgeous!!!

Misty said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one with you and Tag running - you're smile is great there.

Forrest Fyr said...

Stephanie - I just love the picture of you and tag together, the next to last one. It is a superb photo of both of you. Wonderful! Just wonderful!
Love, Forrest


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