Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family pictures

My husband and sister managed to find some loose pictures at my mother's home when they were sifting through the flotsam and jetsam that was once my parent's lives. Most of the photographs were in really rough shape, cracked and stained. I sat down the other night and busted out Photoshop, and cleaned a lot of them up. Some of these I'd never seen before.
It took me a minute to realize that this is my Aunt Rosa. We call her Titi. Wow, she was a hot tomato, wasn't she? Holy Hottie McTottie batman! She is still mega-adorable today. Two years junior to my mother, she has used Oil of Olay religiously, and has the most amazing skin for it. She's going blind, but still manages to look trim and pretty every day, and she still applies her lipstick and eyeliner with care every day. My mother is the polar opposite and has no qualms leaving the house in a grease-stained shirt.

This is my older brother and his mother. My father was married when he lived in Hungary. He divorced this wife when he moved to the US, and brought my brother over to America when he had the first opportunity. My brother lives in Pensacola, and has lived in the US since he was eight or something like that. He did not get along well with my mother, and he joined the army at first opportunity. He also attended medical school, and then decided to go for architecture. Today he's an architect and he's the only one in our family who has children. Oddly, he served the country in the army, and has been a model citizen, but he only became a real American citizen very recently. I get really tweaked on the immigration topic because of this. Between my father and my brother, they had to go through some major channels to become citizens of the US.

This is my paternal grandfather. I don't know all that much about him except that he died of lung cancer.

My sister sent these today. The left is my father's flight log from 1954. It's got lots of entries in it. It's striking how much my brother looks like the man in this picture. He was such a handsome devil... those blue eyes... The right is a rail pass from 1957; just before he flew to the US. He was living in Austria while he waited for his visa and such to go through. It's interesting to see that he signed the pass 'Stefan'.
I found this picture too, here I am looking like a deer in headlights in my little brownie outfit. I didn't stay in the brownies and girl scouts too long. I liked the brownie outfits, but the girl scouts had to wear kelley green with orange... It wasn't my fav. There were girl scout troupes at the DOD school, and mom volunteered to be a den mother or whatever they call that... so I had to participate regardless. But I got out of it eventually. Anyway... There's my papa sitting beside me. Goodness only knows what was going on... I have no memory of it.

More pics to come. Must fix a bunch.


An attempt at life... said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Steph!

Mme Sisi Rénarde said...


Thanks for the following:)
I read your story, good to meet Hungarian girl in the big world:)

Can you speak Hungarian?:)


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