Thursday, June 17, 2010

Green Monster of Jealousy

Now as you know, Sir Hubbington is over in New England dealing with the less-than-pleasant side of my mother's path of destruction... he, my sister and brother in law have been there since Monday. They've managed to accomplish a huge feat by cleaning out the hovel that my parent's home has become over the past decade, and they are now leaving southern NH for Boston to spend the night closer to the airport.

The Green Monster
Of course they need to reward themselves after having to do what they did. So they are going to a Red Sox game.
I confess... the facebooked images of my husband having Dunkin' Donuts, their stop at Boston Chowda... their trip to Legal Seafoods for lunch... it has made me a bit jealous. I know, I know... It's selfish, but I lived in New England for twelve years. It was my stomping grounds, and I realized this morning that my reasons to go back there have winnowed themselves down to nil. Seeing how infrequently I ever get away from life, it's entirely possible I will never see New England again.

No more Mary Chungs... No more Legals, no more shopping trips to Kittery or romantic stays in Portland, Maine in the old port. No more sunday drives up north before the leaf-lookers show up, no more medium regular (that means with milk and sugar in the Northeast) coffee from the Dunkin' on 38 past the mall... no more Horseman's Tack visits to see what's gotten dustier on the shelves... no more ice cream from that place in Salem by the Pier One and B&N... no more trips to Canobie Lake just before it closes for the season, no more driving up to Derry and Chester, no more trips to Portsmouth... No more fancy dinners at the Andover Inn.

Boston Chowda's Amazing Lobster Roll

My heart just broke.
Things I'll miss most:
  • The old buildings and those magnificent colonial-style New England sprawlers.
  • The smell of summer after the afternoon T-storm.
  • The Indian summers.
  • Legal Seafoods (namely the bluefish paté)
  • Mary Chung Restaurant (OMG... someone please Fedex me some Suan La Chow Show and steamed buns!).
  • The City of Boston
  • The State of Maine (yes, the whole freakin' state!)
  • Vermont
  • Northern New Hampshire.
  • Lobster.
  • McDonald's Lobster rolls... why can't they be everywhere?
  • Tripoli bakery in Lawrence, MA
  • Portland, Maine's Old Port
  • English riders everywhere. I miss that. I feel like an outcast out here with my postage stamp saddle, surrounded by people riding on half-a-cow saddles looking at me with trepidation.
  • Beautiful farms with white wooden fencing.
  • State Line Tack (the store in Plaistow). It's hard to find English Tack here that isn't out of this world expensive.
  • Small towns with white churches and little town commons.
  • Fourth of July parades through said towns with white churches and town commons.
  • Pumpkin festivals.
  • Lake Winnepesaukee

I can go on forever. It's time to stop. I'm actually misting up. :( I hope the Sox win tonight... it will be a great memory for hubby. My last game at Fenway was vs the Yankees, who mopped the floor with the Sox. It was still fun as hell though. ;)


jody said...

I too lived in New England for a long time - worked in Boston at the Hotel Vendome on Comm Ave and lived on the north shore - miss it terribly. Also lived in Bedford, NH ... we have things in common that astonish and comfort me ... sushi, Alan Rickman, Jack Russells, reenactments. Just sayin'

Sharon said...

I hope you get to go back one more time. It's a shame to have to give that up, but if you see it one more time, it will be a kind of closure. I hope you can work that out so you can go. Maybe take some pictures you can keep with you when you want to remember.


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