Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday! Picnic Office Special


A quick & dirty OS with skewed picnic blankets to celebrate the upcoming picnic at Pittock Mansion.

I scribbled this one out very quickly, and took only a few moments to sloppily paint some colour over it.  Sunday is the ORS picnic at Pittock Mansion--my first event since the feast of the Twelft Night, (I don't count the bonnet workshop because I was hardly even present to be honest--it was only three days before my father passed away). 

I have made myself a new gown for this event.  I'm almost done with it anway.  It's sloppily made as usual, but I scaled it up from a historic pattern.  I hated the big poofy sleeves, so I opted for a straighter sleeve, but it has that really narrow back and wide armseyes.  My sleeves still aren't working very well, but they'll do for now.  I'll fix later.   We'll see how it pans out. I made it a bib-front, naturally.  All that's left to do is to finish up and affix the bib/stomacher on it, and the cinch/tie.  I'll mull over the idea of having a photo taken in  it. :0)  I made a lovely bonnet for a guest who might accompany me to the picnic. If she doesn't, I might wear it. Not sure.

Have a lovely weekend all. Must run. 

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