Monday, July 5, 2010

Hail to the long weekend!

Ah what a nice long weekend... and to top it off... NO MONDAY! Today was a second Sunday and it was quiet. I spent most of it drawing. S-II stayed over on Friday night and Saturday morning, in order to escape the smelly Gollum poop (my mother's dog that we are stuck with is a nightmare. Not gaining weight... pooping and peeing freely all over the house... He's so creepy looking, and now has only two molars left after his dental, hubby has dubbed him Gollum...) we took off for a pedicure shortly after breakfast. I chose one of my 'car-colours' as usual. This time, I chose a nice metallic blue.  It has a Geo Prizm sort of feel to it.

As we drove back towards Sushi for lunch, we saw this sign, much to our mirth. There were no customers. Hmm....

We stopped to shop as well, and S-II scored the dress of a lifetime... it is stunning, [[Jealous!]]  My husband spent most of Saturday toiling to move his grandmother into a retirement community/assisted living facility. He came home to find us sitting with our prettified feet watching Firefly and letting Henna dry (I didn't do anything much to myself, and instead used S-II as a canvas.

Sunday, S-II disappeared before we awoke (she had a last-minute cake to make).. so Hubby and I went to a place on Marine Drive, on the Columbia River to have a spendy brunch at a seafood restaurant called Salty's. The view was pretty... It was the 4th of July, so lots of people were out and about, despite the grey sky and chilly weather.  They were camping on the shore of the Columbia and the islands, riding around in boats on the water, and riding bikes along the pathway that runs next to the river all along Marine Drive.

We waited to be seated at Salty's, and I watched all this from the window... I wore a dress for the first time in centuries (a modern one, that is)... and it was cooler than I thought, so my little sandals weren't super-practical; but my toes looked nice. Breakfast was a smörgåsbord of common breakfast foods combined with things like fresh oysters (yum) and crab legs. We ate like savages.  We didn't eat again until late dinnertime.

We went to IKEA afterwards to get Grandma a tiny little table and chairs for her teeny kitchen so she can sit and eat her supper if she wants. She is resistant and angry as anyone would be in the circumstance of such change... It is difficult to transition an aged person into a new environment smoothly, especially one who isn't very social to begin with. We are hoping she'll settle in sooner or later, but she is convinced that this is only a temporary situation... no matter how we try to tell her it is not, there is no making her believe it.

I hope to put my mother in a similar place soon.  With her bad health, and her lack of reliability in taking medications, she is a high risk being alone. I hope she'll let us do this, and that she takes her icky dog with her. ::::sigh:::: He is so gross but I can't help feeling sorry for him... such a pathetic creature... but he's RUINING OUR HOUSE! ARGH!

Here is a mouse with a backpack and sunglasses. I found him on Stumble... he was so cute I had to repost him. ;) Above is a "weekend special" I finished it up about an hour ago. It was nice to use nice paper and paint brushes.... but it is still sloppy.


Schmoomunitions said...

Lets see a picture of Gollum!!!

The Hungarican Chick said...

Aw. Poor Gollum. Next post... Promise.


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